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Commandos in the Classroom

Commandos in the Classroom is a Cheat Commandos short released on Tuesday, September 13, 2005. In it, the Commandos are getting ready for a movie night watching Pony Fights 2. The other commandos tell Reynold that the movie has too much cuss language for him. Reynold then shocks everyone with a comment about teen pregnancy, which Gunhaver calls an "inappropriate peer-to-teen choice behavior". Gunhaver then shows Reynold a filmstrip to teach him how to avoid inappropriate peer-to-teen choice behaviors. It stars various commandos being tempted by Blue Laser to do things such as cheating on exams or smoking candy, to which the commandos respond with pro-positive life tools, such as claiming to have gold-rush era diseases or imagining those pressuring them as slices of pizza. (more...) watch

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