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Santa short shorts

Decemberween Short Shorts is 2006's Decemberween toon and a second compilation of short shorts, after Summer Short Shorts, this batch holiday-themed. In the first toon, Strong Bad writes a Decemberween letter to a pair of tube socks he is confident of receiving on Decemberween morning as a present. In the second toon, the Homestar characters are depicted as ornaments on a Decemberween tree. The third toon is an Old-Timey toon. Herein, The Homestar Runner describes Decemberween to Rumble Red, who then receives a present from Old-Timey Marzipan, which ultimately kills him. In the fourth, all-too-short toon, Strong Sad is writing a Decemberween letter to a pair of argyle socks. In the fifth and final toon, Homestar Runner sings a song to Coach Z about how to behave on Decemberween, so he will not have to spend it alone. This song was later made downloadable in Hooked on Decemberween. (more...) watch

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