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"Lookit that! Little... bad graphics ghost."

In ghosts, the 48th Strong Bad Email, released on Thursday, October 31, 2002, Strong Bad receives an email from "[his] favorite cowboys, Josh, John and Doug" of Nashville, TN, asking if there are any ghosts in Strong Badia. Strong Bad responds that he has never given his kingdom a thorough ghost-check and decides to do so now. After calling The Cheat, they put on Ghostbusters T-shirts and pick up some "ghost-detecting equipment". They then go to Strong Badia to check up on the existence of ghosts there. At first, their search brings no results. But then Strong Bad discovers the ghost of his old computer, the Tandy 400, having returned from the dead. This email introduces the Bad Graphics Ghost, displayed on both computer screens. At the end, if you quickly remove the ghost from the Compy's screen, Strong Sad appears to sing a scary song about the ghost of John. (more...) watch

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