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"I'm gonna go build a deck... with galvanized nails!"

In the Short No Hands On Deck!, released Monday, August 14, 2006, Homestar decides to build a deck while talking to Cardboard Marzipan (who is really voiced by himself). In preparation, he decides to tell nearly everyone about the deck that he's building and even boasts to Bubs that he'll be using galvanized nails. Later on, we see Homestar once again talking to Cardboard Marzipan about why galvanized nails are better despite Wikipedia's recommendation of using vulcanized nails. Cardboard Marzipan then asks if he's using galvanized nails to hide the fact that he doesn't know how to build a deck. In response, Homestar evades the question, runs away and begins building his deck. At the end, a surprised Homestar and Bubs share cans of Melonade while gazing at The Field which is now completely covered in wood. watch (more...)

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