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[edit] This Old VCR

Strong Bad's exchange with Bubs is a takeoff of television home remodeling shows such as This Old House, where the host asks various team members what they are doing, why, and how.

From: 12:00
Posted on: 02:54, 12 October 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • The tone of voice in which Strong Bad asks his questions to Bubs, as well as the "Next week ..." teaser at the end, is very similar to how hosts of home-improvement shows behave.

Arguments against:

Additional comments:

  • This should proably also include some more modern references as well, like Trading Spaces or Monster House.
    • I'll add Trading Spaces to the fact. Monster House doesn't work, because it hadn't premiered when this email took place, so the fact should at least be time-relative. ... Perhaps a general reference to HGTV might even suffice.
      • Nah, let's not mess with a good thing. (But feel free to discuss on the article talk page adding one or both of those once this is accepted.)
  • It's odd that this was stuff'd, yet nobody argued against it or declined it.
    • It had been reverted when first added (granted, by an anonymous user in June), so I decided to play it safe and put it here in STUFF rather than putting it straight on the page at the risk of it being reverted again.

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