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[edit] Your doge?

Doge was the title given to the rulers of the Italian city-states of Venice and Genoa.

From: Biz Cas Fri 1
Posted on: 01:16, 12 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • Doge is a real word with a real definition.
  • Strong Bad pronounces it correctly.
  • Knowing this trivia makes the toon funnier, because it lets the viewer know it's not just a made-up word.
  • Doesn't a fun fact mean that It's a fact that may not be related to the topic, when i read this particular one i said to my self, "Oh, that's hilarious, Strong Bad in a pope like get up".. I think it should stay...

Arguments against:

  • While this may be true, it is extremely unlikely that this was what TBC were referring to. It is just a misspelling of "dog," and nothing more.
  • Even if Strong Bad pronounced it correctly, this wouldn't mean much as it is pronounced the same way as it is written (with the usual rules for a silent e).
  • There is no indication given that TBC even know that "doge" is a real word. It doesn't fit the context, and no jokes are made concerning its usage (aside from Homestar's ineptness at spelling "dog.")
  • Knowing this random bit of trivia does not enhance the viewer's enjoyment or understanding of this toon. The funniness derives from Homestar's misspelling, not from a reference to the history of Italian city-states.
  • Actually, Strong Bad is NOT pronouncing the word correctly! Surprise! Doge the word has a hard J sound, while Doge as Strong Bad says it has a softer "zh" sound - the difference between the sound in "jay" and the sound in "beige".

Additional comments:

  • Strong Bad is not implying that Homestar knows what the word means.
    • Nor is he implying that he knows what the word means.
  • Hey, you never know what unusual words the Brothers Chaps know, and they could just as easily have looked it up.
  • Would this fact exist if Homestar called Strong Bad his "man", spelling it "M-A-N-E", while Strong Bad comments on the oddity of being called Homestar's "mane" without making a single joke about the real word? Unlikely. I doubt many people would even assume that Homestar was intentionally calling Strong Bad a scruff of fur around his neck. So how does making the word more obscure make this fact more reasonable?
  • A "fun fact" has to be related to the topic in question. Otherwise, it wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.
  • Its funnier if HR is just being an idiot, spelling "dog" wrong. Enough said really. Why would HR know what "doge" meant? He wouldn't. He's dumb.

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[edit] Different as night and day

When Strong Bad says "Ohh, don't touch that!" it sounds exactly like when he says the same thing in virus when Homestar takes the link buttons from the bottom of the page.

From: Biz Cas Fri 1
Posted on: 23:13, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • It seems to make sense and most of it is true, but the word 'exactly' should be removed because that part is incorrect.

Arguments against:

  • In virus, Strong bad says no twice, where in Biz Cas Fri he only says it once.

Additional comments:

  • It sounds more like "No" than "Ohhhh"
  • It is more of a nod to virus instead of a direct quote.
    • Its probably not even a nod, he just wants Homestar to leave his Compy alone.
      • People tell people not to touch stuff all the time; it's just a common thing to say, not a reference.
  • I agree with the comment three lines up. Revise it to a reference, not a quote.

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