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[edit] Me in a Nutshell

No, this is me in a nutshell. "Help I'm in a nutshell!"
Origin of screenname- A stupid decision to make a sn honoring Michael Ian Black when I was 13 and now I can't get rid of it...
First thing watched on Homestar- dragon, like pretty much everybody else, and then the facts, which I still think is much better.
Homestar Merch I've Purchased- See the userbox ->
Homestar Merch I've Received- A much too large The Pizz shirt, a drawing, I believe, of Bennedetto (stolen from me!), the Strong Bad paper towel tube from Sample of Style (easily the best series/intro music they've made), and what I think is about half of the current patches set.
Proudest Contributions to the Wiki (a.k.a. all I've ever done for the wiki)- I've transcribed two interviews, the second R!OT Radio Interview and the Bobby Blackwolf podcast. I helped with the TrogdorCon '97 page, including adding the update to the main page and most of the transcript and I found If I Ran the Camera and wrote a bit of the page. I also managed to get my email from Matt Chapman on the The Brothers Chaps' Fansite Acknowledgments page without knowing. Other than that, I did quite a bit of the original sbemail subtitling and a lot of DVD commentaries, mostly from Volume 1. (Speaking of that, is there anybody subtitling the youtube vids? Probably somebody.)
Why I don't DO anything on the Wiki- There's nothing to do! You people can make a better page about Hamburger Shampoo than I ever could.
Why I said some weird junk on a talk page years ago- Probably because I was a tiny, tiny baby child and a big ol' round ol' weirdo.
Current Favorite Quote- Matt: {imitating Mike} I'm Mike Chapman, and I don't know anything about my website. People ask me about it and I don't know what to say.
Current Favorite Wiki Quote- Loafing: "She was a brain sister, one way ticket yeah"?!?!?
Contact- Just leave a message on my talk page. I'll get it fastest there.

Trivia Time
I think it's been long enough that I can tell this story...

Once upon a time, over a decade ago, I was a Homestar obsessed teenager, who triangulated where their office was at the time from some off hand remarks in interviews. This is quite an invasive thing to do to anyone, so as a responsible adult, I do not condone my actions. (And I'm sure they don't have the place any more.)

A year or so later, living quite far from the ATL, I managed to finagle my way into a trip to the area by dating a guy who lived nearby. I "wasn't" in the "relationship" because of "that", I "promise". At this point, their office's address was publicly available on google, so I knew for sure that my original guess was correct. I convinced his friend to drive us out there to take creepshots of the doors.

And there it was. Bowling alley and frosted glass, Pleasure and Buisness Business. We took some photos of the directory outside and their famous labelled doors (with flash) and were getting ready to leave when we saw obvious activity inside. The Chappos had been at a convention the day before, so I didn't think they'd be there. My vote was to cheese it, but one of the dorks I was with knocked on the door while I cheesed it around the corner.

Yeah, so, for unknown reasons, they let us inside and gave us a tour and were super nice and welcoming to a bunch of random-butt kids who had shown up at their office and taken flash pics of their door (one of which had only seen dragon!!!! loser!!!!!!). They grilled me a little about how I found the place, so I just said google and left out the hours I had spent on google maps trying to match up the vague clues they had given. They also mentioned the wiki and asked me not to tell them about the office, but I think the statute of limitations is up. Everybody was there, Ryan included. It was pretty crazy, son. I was mostly too nervous to talk, but they were impressed that I knew about the 80s hair band poster lol.... And that cabinet underneath still had the box with paper towel rolls industry secrets in it. They had a Wii with a Homestar wrap on it, which was sooo sweet. They said it was a prototype, but they'd have to charge like $30 for it and nobody would pay that. And I was like "uh dude... I would definitely buy that with my lunch money". I took a bunch of photos of the office and one of us together, but that's all lost to time. This was before smartphone cameras were in wide use, kids.

They even offered to go to lunch with us, but we had just eaten and were too dumb to say "oh, of course, heroes of mine, let's go..." It's not like we could've grabbed drinks together though.

That's about all I remember.

Also, they're shorter than you'd think. Or maybe I just imagined they would be 9 feet tall.

Also also, I lost the paper towel roll a few years ago during a move. :( And I never married Matt, but they have the same alma mater, so that counts right? (Even though he's only seen dragon!!!! loser!!!!!!)

The end.

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