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[edit] Not no more

The new page title is a reference to the facts in which Homestar says "not no more."

From: animal
Posted on: 07:36, 30 October 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • Homestar had recently said "Not no more" in a previous email (the facts).

Arguments against:

  • "Not no more" is a very common phrase.
  • the facts was over two months before animal. Apparently TBC just like this phrase.

Additional comments:

  • "Not no more" is incorrect grammar (a double negative). It is unlikely this is a common phrase, but the fact should be revised.
    • Although it is grammatically incorrect, the phrase is still commonly used.
  • I'm assuming the fact that "not no more" refers to the Compy's demise is not in question.

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