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The general policy of the Homestar Runner Wiki regarding swears is to avoid them when possible and otherwise confine them to specialized articles. This is due primarily to The Brothers Chaps' own self-censorship with regard to what kind of material they produce. Listed below are some broad guidelines. For discussion, elaboration, and interpretation of the guidelines, see the talk page.

  • Always transcribe toons and other material produced directly by The Brothers Chaps and intended for inclusion in the Homestar Runner body of work exactly as it is presented, verbatim.
  • In articles, lists of fun facts, and other material we generate ourselves, avoid using swear words unless it cannot be avoided. Depending on the severity of the word(s) in question, consider adding a notice to the reader.
  • Interviews, public appearances, and the like should not be censored; however, depending on the severity of the word(s) in question, a notice should be provided to the reader and/or a censored version made available.
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