Kindred Soul

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Kindred Soul
Origins Unknown
Genre(s) Religious Metal
Members (unknown, only music heard is a singer and an electric guitar)
Discography Alive As One
Label (unknown, but probably Cheap As Free Records)

Kindred Soul (or Kindread Soul) is a religious metal band introduced in the DVD-exclusive Strong Bad Email Comic Book Movie. Strong Bad makes up the band after a sender starts their email "Greetings from a kindred soul". Strong Bad describes them as "you know, the kind that try and offset their religiousness with evil fonts and drippy graphics". Kindred Soul is spelled "Kindread Soul" on their album "Alive As One", misspelled because of what Strong Bad said in the email band names (he said "And the other way is to take a really cool word but spell it all wrong" which he did with this band).

Their CD cover shows a spiky logo, a symbol of a hand pointing up, and the album title ("ALIVE AS ONE") written at the bottom. "KINDREAD SOUL" is written on the side, with the same font as the album title. Everything on the CD is red, except the background (which is black), and the album title (which is gray). The jagged, drippy logo looks very similar to the Taranchula and Lazor logos. The only music heard is a bit of guitar and a singer saying "alive as one".

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