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"I'm off to the Chinchilla protest."

Marzipan is known to protest for various causes, and she often makes protest signs expressing her views.


[edit] Appearances

  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Marzipan makes protest signs, some reading "DOWN WITH D'WEEN!", "DECEMBER WEEN KILLS BUNNIES" (with three bunnies) and "I THINK IT'S TOO COMMERCIALIZED!"
  • Character Video — Marzipan leaves with a sign reading "Chinchillas OUT!! (of my basement)" with an image of a chinchilla.
  • Email environment — Marzipan protests against Strong Bad's environmentally unfriendly Lappy using a sign reading "Lappy, Take the Dirt Nappy!" with a picture of a grave on it.
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — Marzipan holds up two signs, one with the Drive-Thru Whale and the text "SAVE THE BLUBB-O WHALE", and the other with a caricature of the Drive-Thru Whale and the text "really SAVE THE BLUBB-O WHALE".
  • Email hiding — Marzipan holds up a protest sign, one side reading "OXEN FREE!" with an ox, the other reading "PLAYING A GAME!" with an ox playing baseball.

[edit] Gallery of Marzipan's Protest Signs

[edit] Other Characters' Protest Signs

  • Email enviroment — Strong Sad has a protest sign that says "Scrap the Lappy" when protesting the Lappy with Marzipan.
  • Strong Badia the FreeCoach Z has a "KOT = JRK" sign at the protest at the beginning, and later has a "Coachnya ♥ ☮" sign that he quickly throws away when conscripted.

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