Marzipan and Bubs's Relationship

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"Just get Marzipan away from me!"

Marzipan and Bubs's relationship is often a good and steady friendship. Marzipan sometimes asks Bubs to do her some favors while he's busy at his concession stand. Bubs does the same in Marzipan's answering machines. However, in conflict, the two can have either disagreements or pretty brief roughhousing.

[edit] Marzipan and Bubs getting along

[edit] Marzipan and Bubs in conflict

  • Homestar Ruiner — Bubs hates Marzipan's parties, but loves the food in Strong Bad's fridge.
  • Baddest of the Bands — According to Bubs, he and Coach Z used to throw rocks through Old Man Marzipan's windows. Marzipan confirms this, saying that the Two-O Duo would break her windows every other day when they were so popular. Later on, Bubs and Homestar boo at the Cool Tapes for writing a catchy anti-Limozeen anthem.
  • 8-Bit is Enough — Marzipan advises Bubs on how to repair the concession stand, but Bubs hates being told on how to run his business. Later on, after the bright flash of light, Marzipan goes "plum loco balonco" as the Lady Crate Ape, drags Bubs up at the top of the concession stand, and ceases the construction with her menacing jumps, leaving him trapped. She even tosses a crate at him every time he tries to move. Bubs is relieved when Strong Bad brings out the Limozeen Babelien Space Bus from the game to take Marzipan away.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 16.2 — Bubs tells Marzipan she's three weeks late with her movie rental.
  • Where My Hat Is At — Bubs steals Marzipan's hair and places it on sale as a wig.
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