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In the Homestar Runner universe, characters are sometimes hired to wear mascot costumes.



Image Description Worn by Appearances
Jolly Dumple Costume
See main article: The Jolly Dumple

The Jolly Dumple is the mascot for Crazy Go Nuts University.

Homestar Runner mascot, 4 branches, rough copy (endzone image only), On Break
"Well, to tell you the truth there, Poppy, I've always enjoyed a good chafe."
Stoppy the Sign Costume

Stoppy the Sign is a mascot for Strong Bad's Mount Ridesplace! USA.

Coach Z theme park, On Break (Easter egg)
"We'll call 'em Poppy... Poppy the Tire."
Poppy the Tire Costume

Poppy the Tire is a mascot for Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA.

Homestar Runner theme park, On Break (Easter egg)
"It's time for tasteball!"
General Tso's Chicken Costume (Ryan S.)

General Tso's Chicken, a box of takeout with "Ryan S." written on it, is a mascot for Strong Bad's Mount Ridesplace! USA

Homsar theme park
"Pictures with the Tragic Clown Dog ain't free!"
Tragic Clown Dog Costume
See main article: Tragic Clown Dog

The Tragic Clown Dog is the mascot for Bubs' Concession Stand.

Strong Bad part-time job, long pants (mentioned), On Break, The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
"I'll chop off your legs!"
Drive-Thru Whale Costume

The Drive-Thru Whale costume is the costume version of the Blubb-O's mascot, the Drive-Thru Whale.

Coach Z Blubb-O's Commercial, On Break
"NO! STOP! It's just me, Regular Greg from AP Calculus!"
The Fighting Growlback

The Fighting Growlback is the mascot for the Growlbacks. D n' D Greg mistakes the growlback costume for "a level 4 shambling Krenshar" and attacks him.

Regular Greg 4 Gregs
"P-squared's not with the union. He doesn't even get a break."
Pom Pom Sign

Pom Pom wearing a sign, advertising for Bubs' Concession Stand. He seems to fail at attracting customers, and does not get a break due to the fact that he isn't in a union.

Pom Pom On Break
"Who do you think took this bite out of my head?"
Marshie Costume

Homestar dresses up as Marshie to advertise a new flavor of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. The costume speaks in Marshie's voice, and it is unclear if Homestar has control over it.

Homestar Runner Later That Night...
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