Old-Timey Strong Bad Evolution

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This page tracks the evolution of Old-Timey Strong Bad.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
This is the first Old-Timey Strong Bad design. 2000 (1933) Kick the Can; Main Page 10 N/A
Image:oldtimeystrongbad2.png This is the second design. 2002 (1935) little animal His hair has white reflections, he's a lighter shade of grey and has no belly button.
This is the current design. 2002 (1936) Toons from Parsnips A-Plenty to current; various Strong Bad Emails starting with 50 emails His mustache has white reflections and is lower down from his eyes, his outlines are more refined and look less "sketchy", his arms have moved, he has more shading and his belly button is back.
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