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There are at least three types of paint available in Free Country, USA.

[edit] Yella Paint

Yella Paint

In Cool Things, Bubs stole three cans of Yella Paint from his own concession stand and gave them to Homestar Runner, who needed to paint Marzipan's wall after writing "Cool Tapes" on it. Hidden in the second can of Yella Paint that Homestar received was a pair of cool shades, still dripping with paint, thus impairing Homestar's eyesight.

[edit] Black Paint

Black Paint

At the end of dangeresque 3, The Cheat can be seen painting Strong Mad black with a roller. Beside him is a can of Black Paint, apparently used to paint Strong Mad. Strong Mad was painted to create a shadow effect on himself for his role as Killingyouguy in Strong Bad's Dangeresque film.

[edit] Some Paint and Some More Paint

Some Paint
Some More Paint

In portrait, Strong Bad completes his self-portrait (which is a cardboard cut-out of a muscular figure) with cans of Some Paint and Some More Paint. He uses a thin brush to paint it. It is unknown if he used more than these two cans of paint. This is most likely the case, as there are several different colors on his cut-out. However, the label on the cans seem to suggest there is more than one color in the can. He also painted a note that reads, "FACE HOLES", accompanied by two arrows pointing to two separate holes.

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