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"I'm gonna have to ask you to leave my parent's basement now."

The location of someone's parents' basement has been mentioned in a several cartoons, often used disparagingly by Strong Bad. Typically, it is stated or implied that an individual lives in their parents' basement, suggesting a lack of personal or professional success.

Sometimes the phrase is used in a singular possessive case ("parent's" with the apostrophe before the s), implying that there is only one parent in possession of the basement.

[edit] Appearances

  • Thorax Corporation — The CEO, Gent Delabor, Sr. manages Delabor family affairs from his parents' basement.
  • Email virusEdgarware is "programmed entirely in mom's basement".
  • Email road trip — Strong Bad refers to an email sender as "Pete from Pete's parents' basement."
  • Email coloring (DVD Commentary) — Larry Palaroncini confirms that the members of Limozeen all live in "the same woman's basement", and that they think she is their mother.
  • Email environment — Strong Bad says he's making out with the environment in the parent's basement of a solar-powered house.
  • Limozeen Live! — The link to the video read "Watch us practicing in our parents' basement."
  • Email magic trick — In an Easter egg, D n' D Greg asks Coach Z to leave his parent's basement.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Strong Bad tells an email sender to figure out where in his parents' basement to hang his Bob Marley poster when they move back in after inevitably failing out of college.
  • Fan Costumes '08 — Strong Bad describes a costumed fan as portraying a character who lives "in the basement of his parents' basement".

[edit] Use by The Brothers Chaps

The Brothers Chaps have discussed their real-world parents' basement on occasion. Prior to February 2003, when they began working with a fulfillment company, distribution of Homestar Runner merchandise was done out of the Chapman parents' basement; the brothers have repeatedly emphasized that they never lived in said basement, as the running gag had led some fans to believe.

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