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"So you have, like, no idea how we pulled this off?"

Strong Bad's security monitor is a television monitor that Strong Bad uses to spy on people from a distance. It can apparently only be viewed in black and white, sometimes with a distorted effect. The monitor itself is black, with three buttons, used to switch between three cameras. There is a white sign at the top, reading "Strong Bad's New Security Camera Monitor". Starting with Best Caper Ever, it has a new design, making it look rounder, shinier, and more 3D.

He has it hooked up to multiple security feeds: he has a hidden camera hooked up inside Marshmallow's Last Stand so he can spy on Homestar Runner and Marzipan going on a date remotely. Another feed comes from a camera concealed within a class ring that Strong Mad wears so Strong Bad can have a first-person view of Strong Sad getting pounded, even though Strong Sad is aware of the hidden camera. A third feed comes from Strong Badia, so Strong Bad can see when The Cheat bothers the Tire.

During one caper, Strong Bad and The Cheat had somehow managed to trick Homestar into getting stuck on a drifting ice floe, and they had full coverage of the event streaming on the monitor from a satellite, although they were not sure how they did it, or why they had satellite coverage.

Strong Bad also uses his security monitor to peek in on visitors inside the various rooms of his haunted house and gauge their reactions to the various attractions, although this is suggested to be in his imagination.

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