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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="169lostdvd.swf" width="550" height="400">

<!-- The DELETED scene-->
<line start="205" end="233" speaker="strongbad">Alright, so where were we? Oh yeah. <span style="visibility:hidden">Two percent crudules...</span></line>
<line start="233" end="250" speaker="strongbad">Alright, so where were we? Oh yeah. Two percent crudules...</line>
<line start="250" end="258">
<strongbad>Alright, so where were we? Oh yeah. Two percent crudules...</strongbad>
<sfx>vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx></line>
<line start="258" end="308">
<coachz>Doe-da-doot doo. Doo. Da-doo-da-doooo!</coachz>
<sfx>vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx></line>
<line start="308" end="341" speaker="coachz">Hey there, salaried employee!</line>
<line start="341" end="375" speaker="strongbad">Augh. 'Sup, hourly wage?</line>
<line start="375" end="425" speaker="coachz">I couldn't help but notice you're checking one of your emails there!</line>
<line start="425" end="486" speaker="coachz">Boy, do I have some good ideas for words to type in an email.</line>
<line start="486" end="528" speaker="strongbad">Yeah, sorry, I'm not really taking suggestions right now.</line>
<line start="528" end="620" speaker="coachz">Aww, that's too bad. Sure would be unfortunate if your boss found out you was checking yer Sbemails at work!</line>
<line start="620" end="660" speaker="strongbad">All right, all right! What do you want me to type?</line>
<line start="660" end="688" speaker="coachz">Ooh, great! Okay, lessee...</line>
<line start="688" end="704" speaker="coachz">P-<span style="visibility:hidden">F-A-R-G-T-L?</span></line>
<line start="704" end="722" speaker="coachz">P-F-<span style="visibility:hidden">A-R-G-T-L?</span></line>
<line start="722" end="736" speaker="coachz">P-F-A-<span style="visibility:hidden">R-G-T-L?</span></line>
<line start="736" end="755" speaker="coachz">P-F-A-R-<span style="visibility:hidden">G-T-L?</span></line>
<line start="755" end="771" speaker="coachz">P-F-A-R-G-<span style="visibility:hidden">T-L?</span></line>
<line start="771" end="790" speaker="coachz">P-F-A-R-G-T-<span style="visibility:hidden">L?</span></line>
<line start="790" end="804" speaker="coachz">P-F-A-R-G-T-L?</line>
<line start="804" end="818" speaker="coachz">P-F-A-R-G-T-L?<br/><!-- This BR slash is a REQUIRED exception. Do not remove. -->Is that a word?</line>
<line start="818" end="833" speaker="strongbad">"Pfargtl"?</line>
<line start="833" end="850" speaker="coachz">Yeah! Is that a word?</line>
<line start="850" end="860" sfx="sfx">bang</line>
<line start="860" end="883" speaker="strongbad">Does it <i>sound</i> like a word?</line>
<line start="883" end="920" speaker="coachz">Well I dunno... I only know a few.</line>
<line start="920" end="939" speaker="strongbad">Oh, dan... <span style="visibility:hidden">guh. Dang.</span></line>
<line start="939" end="947" speaker="strongbad">Oh, dan... guh. <span style="visibility:hidden">Dang.</span></line>
<line start="947" end="957" speaker="strongbad">Oh, dan... guh. Dang.</line>
<line start="957" end="1014" speaker="strongbad">Oh, dang! I think some customer service rep just puked up her microwave lasagna!</line>
<line start="1014" end="1047" speaker="strongbad">You'd better go sprinkle sawdust all over it.</line>
<line start="1047" end="1059" speaker="coachz">This is what I live for!</line>
<line start="1059" end="1062">
<coachz>This is what I live for!</coachz>
<sfx>vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx></line>
<line start="1062" end="1070">
<span style="visibility:hidden"><coachz>This is what I live for!</coachz></span><sfx volume="1.0">vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx>
<line start="1070" end="1076">
<span style="visibility:hidden"><coachz>This is what I live for!</coachz></span><sfx volume="0.8">vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx>
<line start="1076" end="1084">
<span style="visibility:hidden"><coachz>This is what I live for!</coachz></span><sfx volume="0.6">vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx>
<line start="1084" end="1092">
<span style="visibility:hidden"><coachz>This is what I live for!</coachz></span><sfx volume="0.4">vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx>

<!-- Deleted DELETED #1 -->
<line start="1120" end="1165">
<coachz>A-reet-da-deet-dee. A-da-da-da-deeee!</coachz>
<sfx>vacuum cleaner whirring</sfx></line>

<!-- Number 2. -->
<line start="1181" end="1208" speaker="strongbad">Alright, so where were we? Oh yeah. <span style="visibility:hidden">Four percent budules...</span></line>
<line start="1208" end="1232" speaker="strongbad">Alright, so where were we? Oh yeah. Four percent budules...</line>

<!-- And the third. -->
<line start="1278" end="1288" sfx="sfx">plop</line>
<line start="1288" end="1313" speaker="homestar">Hey! What the pfargtl?</line>

<!-- The trailer -->
<line start="1371" end="1414" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">A scene you were <i>never</i> meant to see...</line>
<line start="1445" end="1489" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">A meeting that should <i>never</i> have taken place...</line>
<line start="1489" end="1519" speaker="coachz">Hey there, salaried employee!</line>
<line start="1519" end="1540" speaker="strongbad">'Sup, hourly wage?</line>
<line start="1540" end="1555" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">This summer... <span style="visibility:hidden">watch the deleted scene that will have <i>everyone</i> asking...</span></line>
<line start="1555" end="1609" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">This summer... watch the deleted scene that will have <i>everyone</i> asking...</line>
<line start="1609" end="1622" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">W<span style="visibility:hidden">TPF?</span></line>
<line start="1622" end="1634" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">WT<span style="visibility:hidden">PF?</span></line>
<line start="1634" end="1638" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">WTP<span style="visibility:hidden">F?</span></line>
<line start="1638" end="1643" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">WTPF<span style="visibility:hidden">?</span></line>
<line start="1643" end="1654" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes">WTPF?<!-- This "line" is intentional --></line>
<line start="1654" end="1670" speaker="homestar">What the pfargtl?</line>
<line start="1670" end="1709" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes"><i>Strong Bad Email 169</i>:</line>
<line start="1709" end="1736" speaker="announcer" voiceover="yes"><i>Strong Bad Email 169</i>:<br/><!-- Again, required BR slash -->the deleted scene.</line>
<line start="1736" end="1766" speaker="coachz">This is what I live for!</line>

<!-- The characters' commentary -->
<line start="1796" end="1860" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">Ya know I just gotta say that working with Strong Bad here was a real privilege.</line>
<line start="1860" end="1904" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">This guy's a true consommé professional.</line>
<line start="1904" end="1951" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">Aww, thanks, Coach Z. Working with you was a complete nightmare...</line>
<line start="1951" end="2004" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">...and I almost jumped out of several different windows during the making of this scene.</line>
<line start="2004" end="2080" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">Yeah, that was classic. Those windows was strong! They were real consommé pr--</line>
<line start="2080" end="2121" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">All right, shut up. What kind of vacuum was that you were using there?</line>
<line start="2121" end="2162" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">Oh that was the "Sook-a-Doox Five-Trousand."</line>
<line start="2162" end="2188" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">The "Suk-a-Dux Five-Thousand."</line>
<line start="2188" end="2219" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">Yup. Hottest market on the money!</line>
<line start="2219" end="2244" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">Can I get a translator in here?</line>
<line start="2244" end="2285" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">This part's my favorite. I got to improvise!</line>
<line start="2285" end="2344" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">They said I could spell out anything I wanted as long as it was my favorite animal!</line>
<line start="2344" end="2377" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">But Coach Z, you spelled out "pfargtl"!</line>
<line start="2377" end="2404" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">That's right! That's my favorite!</line>
<line start="2404" end="2428" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">Yeah, that's not- that's not an animal.</line>
<line start="2428" end="2480" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">Ah, go on... You didn't have a p-family pfargtl growin' up?</line>
<line start="2480" end="2511" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">We kept ours out back by the hose!</line>
<line start="2511" end="2527" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">Yeah, I betcha did.</line>
<line start="2527" end="2619" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">You know when I was a kid I always thought that the pile of puke covered in sawdust was way nastier than just the pile of puke.</line>
<line start="2619" end="2662" speaker="coachz" voiceover="commentary">Not me. Sawdust makes everything delicious.</line>
<line start="2662" end="2693" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="commentary">Augh! That's it, I'm outta here!</line>
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