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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Happy Hallow-day. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="hallowday.swf" width="550" height="400">
<line start="27" end="77" speaker="marzipan">Do do-doo doo, lots of leaves, Do do-doo hmm...</line>
<line start="78" end="110" speaker="strongbad">Grody bloody gross and blood!</line>
<line start="111" end="133" speaker="marzipan">Eh, nice try, Strong Bad. </line>
<line start="134" end="161" speaker="marzipan">I'm just not feeling it in broad daylight. </line>
<line start="162" end="185" speaker="marzipan">And, you were hiding behind a twig.</line>
<line start="186" end="241" speaker="strongbad">Yeah, I know. Why isn't it dark yet?</line>
<line start="242" end="260" speaker="homestar">Extrie, extrie! </line>
<line start="261" end="276" speaker="homestar">Read all about it! </line>
<line start="277" end="300" speaker="homestar">Halloween Night missing! </line>
<line start="301" end="335" speaker="homestar">Citizens mobilize to save holiday! </line>
<line start="336" end="404" speaker="homestar">In unrelated news, this newsboy get-up is not my Halloween costume!</line>
<line start="405" end="447" speaker="sfx">music</line>
<line start="448" end="470" speaker="strongbad">This is bull-tonk! </line>
<line start="471" end="544" speaker="strongbad">How are we supposed to scandalize and vandalize without the protective cover of Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Halloween night?</line>
<line start="545" end="568" speaker="thecheat">questioning The Cheat noises</line>
<line start="569" end="608" speaker="strongbad">I'm going to interrogate the toilet for about eight minutes. </line>
<line start="609" end="628" speaker="strongbad">See if he knows anything. </line>
<line start="629" end="705" speaker="strongbad">After that, we'll form into a giant robotic Halloween Night-finding space panther!</line>
<line start="711" end="725" speaker="strongbad">Or not.</line>
<line start="726" end="764" speaker="homestar">Halloween Niiiight! Come here boy!</line>
<line start="765" end="789" speaker="homestar" sfx="sfx">whistles</line>
<line start="790" end="822" speaker="homestar">I got this spooky, yucky chew toy for ya!</line>
<line start="823" end="828" speaker="homestar" sfx="sfx">whistles</line>
<line start="829" end="893" speaker="strongsad">Homestar, you are aware that Halloween Night is not a puppy, aren't you?</line>
<line start="894" end="906" speaker="homestar">(laughing) Ye-heh-hes! </line>
<line start="907" end="915" speaker="homestar" sfx="sfx">whistles</line>
<line start="916" end="929" speaker="homestar">Obviously! </line>
<line start="930" end="944" speaker="homestar">I am...! </line>
<line start="945" end="957" speaker="homestar">Aware...! </line>
<line start="958" end="979" speaker="homestar">That it is not...! </line>
<line start="980" end="995" speaker="homestar">What was that last part?</line>
<line start="996" end="1007" speaker="strongsad">A puppy.</line>
<line start="1008" end="1027" speaker="homestar">A puppy!</line>
<line start="1028" end="1042" speaker="strongsad">Okay, good.</line>
<line start="1043" end="1080" speaker="strongsad">But seriously, we have to find Halloween Night. </line>
<line start="1081" end="1144" speaker="strongsad">I don't do so well with all this sunlight!</line>
<line start="1145" end="1165" speaker="homestar">Sit, Halloween Night, Sit! </line>
<line start="1166" end="1206" speaker="homestar">Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit sit-sit!</line>
<line start="1207" end="1216" speaker="homestar" sfx="sfx">whistles</line>
<line start="1217" end="1245" speaker="marzipan" sfx="sfx">plays reggae music</line>
<line start="1246" end="1270" speaker="coachz">Hey, whatcha doing there, sista?</line>
<line start="1271" end="1300" speaker="marzipan">I'm trying to attract Halloween Night with music. </line>
<line start="1301" end="1326" speaker="marzipan">It looooves reggae, you know!</line>
<line start="1327" end="1400" speaker="coachz">Good idear! And I can do some of my famous Halloween sound effects that everybody knows me for.</line>
<line start="1401" end="1435" speaker="marzipan">Coach Z, I don't think that's what everybody knows you for.</line>
<line start="1436" end="1479" speaker="coachz">What are ya torkin' abort? Listen to this spooky owl! </line>
<line start="1480" end="1515" speaker="coachz">Hort! Hort hort! Hort hort! </line>
<line start="1516" end="1547" speaker="coachz">Or get a load of these creepy crackets! </line>
<line start="1548" end="1612" speaker="coachz">Cricket! Cricket-dadadadadadada! Cricket-dadadadada!</line>
<line start="1613" end="1632" speaker="marzipan">We be jammin'!</line>
<line start="1633" end="1661" speaker="bubs">What is wrong with you people?</line>
<line start="1662" end="1696" speaker="bubs">I got instant spray-on Halloween Night!</line>
<line start="1697" end="1731" speaker="bubs">I got Halloween Night vision goggles!</line>
<line start="1732" end="1784" speaker="bubs">I even got this do-it yourself Halloween Night hovercraft kit!</line>
<line start="1790" end="1851" speaker="strongbad">Aw man, I thought sure we'd find Halloween Night in the spooky woods!</line> 
<line start="1852" end="1886" speaker="strongbad">This place has really gone uphill since it disappeared. </line>
<line start="1887" end="1925" speaker="strongbad">Even that rotten old skull doesn't seem so creepy.</line>
<line start="1932" end="1957" speaker="other">A-jam on it!</line>
<line start="1958" end="1986" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
<line start="1987" end="2006" speaker="strongbad">Good thinkin' Monchi-Cheat! </line>
<line start="2007" end="2037" speaker="strongbad">That guy's always hanging out with Halloween Night! </line>
<line start="2038" end="2053" speaker="strongbad">But how do we find him?</line>
<line start="2054" end="2069" speaker="thecheat">Triumphant the Cheat noises</line>
<line start="2070" end="2093" speaker="sfx">organ music</line>
<line start="2094" end="2131" speaker="strongbad">What's this crap-take? Where's Halloween Night? </line>
<line start="2132" end="2153" speaker="strongbad">Strong Mad, pat him down!</line>
<line start="2154" end="2185" speaker="strongmad" sfx="sfx">growls and grunts</line>
<line start="2186" end="2205" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">Aw, he's clean. </line>
<line start="2206" end="2233" speaker="strongbad">I'm taking that hamster ball, though.</line>
<line start="2236" end="2287" speaker="strongsad">Cough it up King of Town! We know you ate Halloween Night!</line>
<line start="2288" end="2330" speaker="kingoftown">You amateurs! You don't know what you're talking about. </line>
<line start="2331" end="2348" speaker="kingoftown">I'm on a diet!</line>
<line start="2349" end="2406" speaker="kingoftown">It's strictly Arbor Day and Earth Day for me this year!</line>
<line start="2407" end="2464" speaker="strongsad">Well now where do we look? I need some doom and gloom soon! </line>
<line start="2465" end="2525" speaker="strongsad">Something funny's happening to the sides of my mouth.</line>
<line start="2526" end="2580" speaker="sfx">weird noises</line>
<line start="2581" end="2625" speaker="homsar">Eggs tree, eggs tree! </line>
<line start="2626" end="2682" speaker="homsar">This get-up <em>is</em> mah get down!</line>
<line start="2686" end="2722" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">Homestar Runner, you are a genius! </line>
<line start="2723" end="2735" speaker="homestar">Thank you, Doug. </line>
<line start="2736" end="2756" speaker="homestar">So tell us what you're doing here. </line>
<line start="2757" end="2843" speaker="homestar">Well, it occurred to me that no Halloween Night could resist these orange- and black-flavored loose tooth remover candies.</line>
<line start="2844" end="2870" speaker="coachz">How are they biting today, Homestar?</line>
<line start="2871" end="2898" speaker="homestar">Sound Effects Man! Ooo-ooo! </line>
<line start="2899" end="2946" speaker="homestar">Do broken wheelchair. On cobblestone!</line>
<line start="2947" end="2997" speaker="coachz" sfx="sfx">weird noises</line>
<line start="2998" end="3066"><coachz sfx="sfx">weird noises</coachz><homestar>It's like I'm right there, wheeling grandma through the old town. </homestar></line>
<line start="3067" end="3111"><coachz sfx="sfx">weird noises</coachz><homestar>Do you want to stop in here and get a kielbasa, grandma?</homestar></line>
<line start="3124" end="3146" speaker="strongsad" sfx="sfx">laughing</line>
<line start="3147" end="3202" speaker="strongsad"><em>(laughing)</em> Somebody shoot me.</line>
<line start="3203" end="3218" speaker="strongbad">Man, this sucks. </line>
<line start="3219" end="3264" speaker="strongbad">Halloween Night's almost over and still no sign of Halloween Night. </line>
<line start="3265" end="3294" speaker="strongbad">We should be out there turning treats right now!</line>
<line start="3295" end="3324" speaker="marzipan">Oh, you guys didn't have any luck either? </line>
<line start="3325" end="3364" speaker="marzipan">Oh well, happy Halloween anyways everybody.</line>
<line start="3365" end="3383" speaker="strongbad">Whoa! Say that again!</line>
<line start="3384" end="3406" speaker="marzipan">Say what? Happy Halloween?</line>
<line start="3407" end="3425" speaker="strongbad">Now somebody else say it!</line>
<line start="3426" end="3439" speaker="coachz">Harrpy Harrlaw-</line>
<line start="3440" end="3453" speaker="strongbad">Not you, Coach Z. </line>
<line start="3454" end="3483" speaker="strongbad">Now everybody, all at the same time!</line>
<line start="3484" end="3527" speaker="all">HAPPY HALLOWEEN!</line>
<line start="3528" end="3547" speaker="strongbad">Oh, yes it worked! </line>
<line start="3548" end="3586" speaker="strongbad">I'm gonna egg so many candies and eat so much houses. I'm gonna-</line>
<line start="3587" end="3610" speaker="sfx">rooster crows</line>
<line start="3627" end="3668" speaker="homestar">So, uh, what do we do now?</line>
<line start="3669" end="3690" speaker="strongbad">Ummm...</line>
<line start="3691" end="3733" speaker="all">HAPPY DAY OF THE DEAD!</line>
<line start="3734" end="3799" speaker="sfx">music</line>
<line start="3811" end="3834" speaker="homestar">Sta-rong. Bad. </line>
<line start="3835" end="3886" speaker="homestar">That's the best Evil Carmen Sandiego costume I've ever seen! </line>
<line start="3887" end="3950" speaker="strongbad">If I wasn't dressed up as a pretend priest-comedian, I'd beat the crap outta you right now. </line>
<line start="3958" end="4031" speaker="homestar">Marzipan, I just love your "I-have-a-caterpillar-crawling-across-my forehead" costume! </line>
<line start="4032" end="4078" speaker="homestar">And kind of a mustache... have... costume... </line>
<line start="4085" end="4108" speaker="strongbad">'At's a good costume, Strong Sad. </line>
<line start="4109" end="4149" speaker="strongbad">What is that, you at your twenty-year high school reunion? </line>
<line start="4159" end="4246" speaker="strongsad">Uh, The Cheat, technically shouldn't all this sunlight be turning you into some sort of horrible beastie? </line>
<line start="4247" end="4271" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises that sound like "Bright light! Bright light!"</line>
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