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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Quality Time with Cardboard Homestar. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="qualitytime.swf" width="550" height="400">
  <line start="17" end="80" speaker="marzipan">You know, Homestar, I disagree with what you said about the underlying theme of Chapter 8 in this book.</line>
  <line start="81" end="117" speaker="marzipan">It's really not about man's struggle with double-sided tape.</line>
  <line start="118" end="178" speaker="marzipan">It's a metaphor for the Mesopotamian social hierarchy during the Bronze Age.</line>
  <line start="182" end="238" speaker="cbhomestar">Seriously, Marzipan, how do you get so smart? Don't you see you are a smart?</line>
  <line start="239" end="277" speaker="marzipan">Well thanks, Homestar. I guess I am kind of smart.</line>
  <line start="337" end="379" speaker="marzipan">Oh, thank you, Homestar. This is so romantic.</line>
  <line start="380" end="422" speaker="cbhomestar">You are so smart, Marzy-pan.</line>
  <line start="423" end="476" speaker="marzipan">And I always like to add a drop of flaxseed oil. Gotta get those Omega-3s!</line>
  <line start="477" end="509" speaker="cbhomestar">Marzipan, you're so smart.</line>
  <line start="510" end="543" speaker="marzipan">(singing) Marshmallows are fluffy.</line>
  <line start="544" end="583" speaker="cbhomestar">You are so smart Marzipan.</line>
  <line start="584" end="639" speaker="bubs">There you go, Marzipan! My last batch of organic batteries.</line>
  <line start="640" end="652" speaker="marzipan">Thanks, Bubs!</line>
  <line start="653" end="681" speaker="cbhomestar">You shop so smart, Marzipan.</line>
  <line start="682" end="726" speaker="bubs">Yeah. When is ol' Homestar gettin' back from vacation?</line>
  <line start="726" end="791" speaker="marzipan">Oh. Um... He, um, decided to stay a couple more days.</line>
  <line start="791" end="816" speaker="marzipan">Yeah, couple more days, yeah.</line>
  <line start="821" end="856">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Marzipan? Marzipan?</homestar>
  <line start="858" end="876" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">Can you let me out now?</line>
  <line start="876" end="880">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Can you let me out now?</homestar>
    <sfx>Banging on the door</sfx>
  <line start="880" end="888">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">I'm pretty sure there's no cake in here.</homestar>
    <sfx>Banging on the door</sfx>
  <line start="888" end="911">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">I'm pretty sure there's no cake in here.</homestar>
  <line start="912" end="959">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">It's been about three weeks now, and you'd think I would have found it.</homestar>
  <line start="960" end="1002">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">All I've been able to find in here is some coats, and a broom.</homestar>
  <line start="1003" end="1037">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Unless it's a broomcake! Is it a broomcake?</homestar>
  <line start="1038" end="1062">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Ooh, let's try this broomcake.</homestar>
  <line start="1062" end="1100">
    <sfx>Noises of labored eating</sfx>
  <line start="1101" end="1169">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Uh, Marzipan? This is a really bad broomcake.</homestar>
  <line start="1170" end="1181" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">Ptooey! Can you let me out, please?</line>
  <line start="1181" end="1210">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Ptooey! Can you let me out, please?</homestar>
    <sfx>Banging on the door</sfx>
  <line start="1211" end="1241">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Oh wait. Coatcake?</homestar>
  <line start="1280" end="1311">
    <homestar voiceover="voiceover">Maybe it's a coatcake!</homestar>
  <line start="1318" end="1361" speaker="cbmarzipan">And then I told him there was cake in the closet.</line>
  <line start="1362" end="1419" speaker="cbmarzipan">And that's how I got some peace and quiet for three weeks.</line>
  <line start="1420" end="1451" speaker="cbhomestar">Marzipan, you're so smart.</line>
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