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The different costumes of Sweet Cuppin' Cakes characters.

Image Character Costume Seen in
Severely Fancy! Eh! Steve! With a tux ("Eh, Steven.") Email different town
Why is he dressed like that? Eh! Steve! With red, white, and gold Decemberween ornaments Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
Then his mouth exploded the universe with a "Eh! Steve!"... Eh! Steve! Just his mouth high in the sky Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
Dear Eh, Steve!, how do you say eh, Steve with no mouth? Sincerely, Dumpface Eh! Steve! With ornaments and no mouth Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
Eh! Touchdown! Eh! Steve! A football player's uniform HomestarRunner.com: PAY PLUS!
Lookin' good! The Wheelchair A good drawing HomestarRunner.com: PAY PLUS!
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