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"I'll get you, Eh! Steve!, if it's the last thing I dooooo!"
"I'm a real boy!"

The Wheelchair is a character from Sweet Cuppin' Cakes that is voiced by Bubs. He is a very poorly drawn wheelchair with a mouth where the seat would normally be. His driving desire is the annihilation of fellow Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Character Eh! Steve!. He has a habit of elongating the last word of his sentences and ending them with an "oo" sound when angry.

He first appeared in crazy cartoon. He showed up again in an Easter egg in kids' book, which read: "Some people are talkin' wheelchairs. Eh! Steve will get what he deserves".

In PAY PLUS!, The Wheelchair was supposed to be Cheerleader's date for the Friday night dance, but she decided to go with "Steven" (aka Eh! Steve!). He was also transformed into a GOOD DRAWINGED wheelchair by the Arrow'd Guy.

The Wheelchair sometimes sports a Brooklyn accent, as evidenced by his pronunciation of the word "boiled" ("berled holiday cabbage") in Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. Bubs does the voice of The Wheelchair, and his voice was apparently inspired by a street vendor from New York City (probably Brooklyn, but the exact location is unspecified).

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