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Umm, wha? MetaStar 03:52, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)

TBC made an appearance in Austin, TX and this is a video and transcript of it

According to someone who posted pictures in a blog, here is a summary of what took place:

  • Strong Bad Emails including best thing and montage were shown.
  • TBC showed off some cool never-before-seen toons including:
    • a Cheat-animation music video for the "gotta get them Grumblecakes" song
    • a short in which Homestar and Strong Bad are in a footrace a la The Tortoise and the Hare and The Cheat hits homestar in the face with a baseball bat.
    • a video with the Homestar puppet filmed around the city of Austin, Texas.
  • At some point, they asked for volunteers to on stage to sing Everybody to the Limit and Because It's Midnite karaoke-style.
  • The sequel to Sample of Style featuring psuedo motion capture animation (same as NYU Talk)
  • The drafthouse filmed one of their "Be quiet during the movie!" clips starring Homestar. He shouts "SHUTS UP!", "BES QUIET!", and "SEWIOUSLY!"
  • A short where Strong Bad imagines what Pom Pom's family would look like; Family members include a sister (with no face) named 'Stella Do' wearing a pair of headphones, a bulldog-headed brother that wears boxing gloves and has one deer leg, and a file cabinet for a mother.
  • At one point, Matt Chapman was asked to do the voice of Marshie. He said "Hey kids! Get in the van!" in the voice.
  • Mike also did a voice; his version of Bubs, which he claimed was only a "bad impression of Fat Albert".
  • At the end of the performance, a female fan presented Matt with a container full of homemade cookies with the face of Strong Bad on each one.

—THE PAPER PREEEOW 22:03, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Dates & times

I noticed the LiveJournal comments make regular reference to different days and times, but didn't list them; the official Alamo page doesn't have an archived version with day-and-dates intact. I was able to find the specific times for the four events on this old blog entry. It doesn't seem to be directly affiliated but the dates match up with what is described elsewhere. -- Bleu Ninja 17:11, 24 June 2022 (UTC)

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