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Should this article be merged with Bad Graphics Ghost to make one full article rather than two half articles? -Drhaggis 15:58, 27 Oct 2004 (MST)

I think so. -Tony Stony 21:26, 11 May 2005 (UTC)

Me Too. -Kinsey


Yep.--einstein runner

I think this picture would fit great in Other Costumes. E.L. Cool 17:56, 25 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Good Idea. Make it so —Tony Stony Talk | Edits

I agree w/Drhaggis. Good idea, Drhaggis! Everyone seems to agree. -User:Tapd260

Okay, it's been a while now... Everybody thinks this should be deleted... Um, someone delete it already. I moved the picture of the Santaman BGG to the main BGG page, and it's also on Other Costumes now, so we've got our bases covered. — It's dot com 16:13, 9 Jul 2005 (UTC)

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