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This template automatically selects a featured article based on the current day. It goes in chronological order from 2006, week 1 (January 1) to 2012, week 52 (December 31). It does not include featured articles prior to 2006, as that would increase the number to over 365 and complicate the template. If a day does not have an article assigned to it (for example, day 366 of a leap year), it defaults to the January 1 featured article. This template can be used with the "day" parameter, for example {{dailyarticle|day=365}}, to see the article for any given day.

He fell on you!

Pan Pan, an anime-style Giant Panda, is the 20X6 version of Pom Pom. Pan Pan seems to be a takeoff on the obligatory anime animal mascot, though in Under Construction he behaves more or less like Pom Pom. Like the other forms of Pom Pom, he doesn't speak in English; he instead speaks in a strange boinging sound. Pan Pan falling on 1-Up appears to be a running gag. (more)...

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