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"Say it with a flourish."

The Classroom is where lectures and training are given, and where the All-Wide Science Fair is held. Many characters use the classroom's chalkboard to illustrate concepts and teach things to each other. The classroom has been used for many AV presentations, including Strong Mad's Sports section for Strong Badia's Action Cool News 5, the SBASAF introduction videos, and Strong Bad's "technology intromercials" in technology. Strong Bad gives free motivational lectures in the classroom every Wednesday, as revealed in other days. Marzipan holds her L.U.R.N. or Life Blossoms Undergoing Re-programming Naturally classes here in coloring and Career Day. It also functions as an ad hoc town hall for emergency town meetings, as shown in unnatural.

The Classroom has featured several chalkboards of different hues and shapes. A projector screen (or a TV cart) also can be seen a couple times. It is interesting to note that the characters (most noatably Strong Bad) seem to have the ability to change what is written more or less to their will or what they are talking about. This is rarely seen occouring, however.

It appears to be located either in or near Strong Badia, due to the fact that it is used as the sportscasting room for Action Cool 5.

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