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"All right, deleteheads. It's been a big week for the fan club."
The Delete-Heads website
"Shut up! I'm a card carrying deletehead"

The Deleteheads are a fan club centered around Strong Bad Email, first introduced in the email fan club. Their president is Strong Sad. The name originates from Strong Bad's iconic DELETED running gag. All club members wear a hat representing the "Del" key on a numeric keypad, except for Homsar, whose hat reads "Thump" instead. Each meeting opens with a rendition of a famous Strong Bad-related song (e.g. the Strong Badia National Anthem) and consists of discussions on such debates as "Non Sequitur Champion: Cardgage or Homsar". They mention special events, such as the FHQWHfest, and occasionally place bets on what will happen during milestone Strong Bad Emails. Every Sunday night, they bombard Strong Bad with emails on a certain topic (for example, Bubs's first wife). They have their own website hosted on Angelcities (previously hosted on Geofire). Members also carry membership cards listing their preferred cold one, their favorite Palaroncini, their current status, the most recent Strong Bad Email when they became a Deletehead and their signature.

They are also the namesake of the official Homestar Runner mailing list, The Deleteheads Download.

[edit] Members

[edit] Possible Members

These have appeared in at least one of the meetings, but don't have Deletehead hats.

[edit] Appearances

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