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I am a cinder block

The Cinder Block holds up the Stop Sign in Strong Badia, although it is apparently not considered part of the "population". In the Strong Bad Email 2 years, Strong Bad predicted that the Cinder Block would break up with the Stop Sign by September of 2005, as evidenced by this letter:

Dear Stop Sign,
You are a stop sign and I am a
cinder block. Therefore I think
we should break up. I hope we
can still be's friends.

Love Always,
Cinder Block

However, this did not come to pass; the Cinder Block is still holding up the Stop Sign to date.

Originally, the Cinder Block and Stop Sign were meant to be part of a larger monument, representing the right foot of Strong Bad. However, once the Thnikkaman passed by Strong Badia, all plans were forgotten, as seen in the email monument.

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