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The Demon poking Old-Timey Strong Bad with a pitchfork
This article is about the Old-Timey character. For the demon in that horrible painting, see Jibblies Painting. For other demons, see Demons.

In an Easter egg from Parsnips A-Plenty, The Demon makes a cameo appearance in Hell, poking Old-Timey Strong Bad with a pitchfork. His appearance, tool action, gloves, and relation to The Kaiser (who is the Old-Timey version of The King of Town) strongly suggest that he is the Old-Timey incarnation of The Poopsmith. In an interview, Matt Chapman says that the Demon is based off of The Poopsmith, but is not his official counterpart.

His body and head shape are nearly identical to that of The Poopsmith, though he lacks the prominent lip and stains on his gloves; additionally, he has stubble on his chin and his eyes are both equally large. His design is further differentiated from The Poopsmith's through demonic motifs, such as two horns in place of his strands of hair, more hoof-like feet, a tail with a large point at the end, and a pitchfork instead of a shovel.

He returns in 2022 Costume Pack Now Available as the "Arrow Smith", a reference to the band Aerosmith, forging an arrow for Old-Timey Strong Bad. In this appearance he has lost his demonic features, with four strands of hair in place of his horns, his pitchfork traded for a hammer, and no tail.

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