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Poopertrooper and the Dictator of Town

The Municipality is the designation of the totalitarian governmental establishment (modeled after dystopian novels such as 1984) that apparently rules over Free Country, USA, as headed by The King of Town. Strong Bad has expressed a desire to riot against it, and in disconnected, his body does so while his head gives career advice to Homestar Runner.

The Poopsmith serves as paramilitary officer of the Municipality in his role as Poopertrooper. In disconnected, he protected the King of Town from Strong Bad, who threw "riot rocks" at him. His uniform resembles that of a police officer in riot gear, and includes a riot shield, baton, and gas mask.

Aha! Caught ya!
The logo for the Municipality is the King Of Town's head with Darth Vader-like attributes. This logo appears in propaganda posters (as well as on the Support the Municipality wallpaper and T-shirts), which display the stylized logo and images of Poopertroopers standing side by side with the words "We're onto you" across the bottom. Such a poster was on the locker room wall in Homestar Ruiner, as well as a in brief flickering image on the Lappy 486 at the end of the episode.

The Municipality has a major role in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episode 2, Strong Badia the Free. In it, the King of Town uses his authority to impose an email tax as an elaborate ruse to switch places with Strong Bad, making him ruler while the King of Town eats snacks and writes emails. Strong Bad restores the King to the throne by imposing a tax on snack cakes. In the episode, the King's email address is shown to be

In more armies, the motto of The Municipality is revealed to be "Honor. Valor. Buttor."

Poopertrooper sketches

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