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This article is about Homestar's game/political talk show. For the Strong Bad Email, see the show.
"But it turned out I didn't die."

The Show is Homestar Runner's supposed "game and political talk" show.

The Show has many similarities to real game shows. The set is modeled much after those designed in the 1970s. In particular, the rounded rectangles, chasing lights, and orange shag carpet featured in the background suggest a reference to the Match Game prior to 1978. Homestar's mic is also similar to Gene Rayburn's mic from the Match Game and Bob Barker's original mic from The Price Is Right. The game Pom Pom and The Poopsmith are playing in The Show's debut, the show, bears resemblance to Hollywood Squares, a popular game show originally airing in the late '60s.


[edit] Features on The Show

The Show features these segments:

  • Share your "polictical" views.
  • Recite a list (in the email "the show", Homestar reads the answers off the cards).
  • Play a Hollywood Squares-style game.
  • Play the "games" or "guess the price" round.
  • Speedstipe - predict the costume guesses in a lightning round.
  • Answer questions in the "win big" category.
  • Get someone to say something coherent.
  • At the end of each episode, Homestar reminds the audience to "Chant Words Together".

[edit] Some of the prizes (as seen in Main Page 19)

Prize Awarded by
The Blender Answering a question with "E-mail"
The Ab-Abber 2000 Involving "Toons"
A golden The Cheat statue Involving "Downloads"
A trip to Hawaii Winning the Games round
A chair with a hidden price Winning the "Guess The Price" round
The Gremlin Answering a question in the "Win Big" category

[edit] The Show! Stupid Home Edition

From Boardelectrix!

The Show: Stupid Home Edition by Boardelectrix, appeared in the email geddup noise. It is given to losing contestants as a "fine parting gift." The game, according to the front of the box, has these features:

  • Choose to recite a list!
  • Ask questions, demand answers
  • Mostly play by oneself
  • Few prizes!

[edit] The Show AM

The Show AM

The Show AM debuted in "4 branches". Unlike The Show, The Show AM is a morning/tabloid talk show (like The View or Maury) instead of a game show. It uses the same set and microphone as The Show. The majority of The Show AM's audience is female, and the discussions range from fashion makeovers using simple items around the house (such as mustard) to angry confrontations among people in dysfunctional relationships.

Its title alludes to Match Game PM, a syndicated spin-off of Match Game that aired weekly during a nighttime time slot (by contrast to its daytime version, which aired daily on CBS).

[edit] The Punkin Show

The Punkin Show

The Punkin Show, first seen in the similarly titled Punkin Show toon, features Homestar judging various fan-submitted pumpkins with the help of his Ding Board. Paint daubs appear to be strictly prohibited, perhaps due to The Punkin Show's sponsorship by the Council Against Paint Daubs. Other promoters include Bubs' Concession Stand, Scary Bubs' Concession Stand, and the Homestar Jr. burger.

[edit] Name/Guess That Homestar Runner Halloween Costume Misinterpretation

Name/Guess That {mumbles} Thing and the Stuff

Name/Guess That Homestar Runner Halloween Costume Misinterpretation, seen in The Show: Ween Edition, is a game show where contestants have to guess with precise accuracy how Homestar Runner will misinterpret their Halloween costumes in order to win prizes. The game includes a round where Bubs has to name a price much like The Price is Right, comes with a Speedstipe round, allows contestants to phone a lifeline much like in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and includes a Family Feud segment with The Brothers Strong. At the end, Homestar wins a massive novelty check for a hundo thou-thou dollhairs despite the fact that he is technically the host and not one of the contestants competing for prizes.

[edit] The Show: Fanstumes Edition

The Show: Fanstumes Edition

The Show: Fanstumes Edition is a special edition of The Show where Strong Bad once again mocks fans' Halloween costumes, except this time he does it from outside of his basement.

[edit] Appearances

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