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Stupid Halloween Edition!

Strong Bad's fan costume mockery continues on The Show: Fanstumes Edition.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Cow Lamp, Coach Z, Fort Wayne Locomotive, Crack Stuntman

Costumes (in order of appearance): Senor Cardgage, Cow Lamp, Hillary, Gregor, Coach Z, Trogdor, Homestar Runner dressed as Strong Bad, Fort Wayne Locomotive, Gunhaver, Blue Laser Commander, Strong Bad, Mayor, Homestar Runner dressed as Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Bubs, D n' D Greg, The King of Town

Places: The Show

Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Running Time: 4:38

Page Title: Enchanced, Endured, and Engulfed!


[edit] Transcript

{The toon opens on the set of The Show, with a title card reading The Show: Fanstumes Edition.}

ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to The Show: Fanstumes Edition! {drumroll} And here is your host...

{Title card withdraws to reveal Strong Bad dancing in place on a pedestal.}

ANNOUNCER: {quickly, quietly} Strongb'd.

{The Show theme music plays.}

STRONG BAD: Thank you, Don Ronny, Ron Donny. Ronny Ronny, Ronny Monny. Let's get right to our first costume!

{Cut to a closed window. The window opens to show a fan dressed as Senor Cardgage holding a smartphone disguised as an air freshener.}

STRONG BAD: I like that Senor Cardgage provides a nice costume option for the physique-ularly enchanced.

{A label pops up reading "physiqularly enchanced"}

STRONG BAD: Uh... endured? {label changes to read "endured?"} Er... engulfed! {label changes to read "engulfed!" with a splat} Yeah. Yeah, this guy's definitely been engulfed.

{Next slide depicts a fan dressed as the living version of the cow lamp from the Decemberweenvent Calendar.}

STRONG BAD: Waah! That horrifying illustration of Homestar's cow lamp {the horrifying illustration appears on the side for comparison} from that awful sheet music Decemberweenvent calendar?

{The next slide depicts a frightened woman in a hula hoop with fangs.}

COW LAMP: You are not going out trick-or-treating dressed like that fangoriously devoured {the drawing of Hillary from kids' book being devoured by a monster appears for comparison} young lady, you hear?

{The next costume shows a baseball player in a green uniform with a squirrel for a hand. The page turns to show Gregor, also from kids' book.}

COW LAMP: And you leave those squirrel hands to yourself, young slugger!

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as Coach Z.}

STRONG BAD: Look, I don't wanna in any way encourage more of these skintight green job Coach Z costumes. But pulling one on over your pants? Just makes everything {disgusted} lumpy-worse. For the universe.

{Next slide shows a much younger fan in a Coach Z costume with a paper mask.}

ANNOUNCER 2: This homemade version of Coach Z will receive {a board game box appears} the home version of Coach Z.

COACH Z: {desperately abrasive} I'm-a come to your home! Please let me come to your home—!

{Scene interrupts. A card featuring The Cheat in front of an unplugged outlet reads "Hang in There: Technical Difficulties".}

{Next slide shows someone dressed in all black underneath a cardboard cutout of Trogdor. Romantic music plays.}

STRONG BAD: On a rooftop in Paris, world-famous Trog-mime {name card appears} Chimeaux Bardeaux {pronounces as Chim-ooks Bar-dooks} does his performance art piece entitled: The S is for Spandex.

ANNOUNCER: That's right, and the next contestant to dress up like Trogdor will win {The Show theme plays} a trip to Paris!

{The next slide shows a fan wearing a paper version of Trogdor. Record scratches.}

ANNOUNCER: Never mind! Never mind at all! Never mind all the time go away please forever!

{The next slide shows a costume of Homestar dressed as Strong Bad from halloweener.}

STRONG BAD: And the award for best use of maybe one of those kinda see-through floormats you put under your desk for your office chair to roll on to simulate blurred-out nudity {image from halloweener appears for comparison} goes to... {ribbon appears with a lot of text on it} this one!

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as the Fort Wayne Locomotive. The image is monochrome and has film artifacts overlaid.}

STRONG BAD: This might be the first and hopefully only Fort Wayne Locomotive costume. Ah, from the days when a helmet could be defined as a floppy leather bowl stuck on your head.

{The Fort Wayne Locomotive appears.}

FORT WAYNE LOCOMOTIVE: Hey-hey. They used to call me the floppy leather bowl! But it wasn't because a' anything pigskin-related! Woooohhh! Ohh! Ooooohhh!

{The Fort Wayne Locomotive charges into the screen, away from the viewer.}

{The next slide shows two fans: one dressed as Gunhaver is pointing an orange toy gun at a fan dressed as the Blue Laser Commander in a menacing pose.}

STRONG BAD: These are fine Blue Laser Commander and Gunhaver costumes. I can't get over how accurate the smarm is on this guy!

{Another image of the fan dressed as Gunhaver holding the toy gun is displayed, showing him from the front.}

STRONG BAD: Look at that smarm! {wavy lines float off his head} Smarmin' right off him in droves, it smarms!

CRACK STUNTMAN: Blaah, Crack Stuntman here! To tell you about my new non-non-profit, {label appears showing Crack Stuntman's head as a barn} Smarms for Farms.

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as Strong Bad cuddling a cat on the floor.}

ANNOUNCER 2: Today's contestants will receive {a sticker appears} Stranglecat Strong Bad. {another sticker appears} Banned in 17 countries, Stranglecat Strong Bad creates hours of harrowing play for your furry friend.

{The window closes.}

ANNOUNCER: And now everyone's favorite part, where Strong Bad makes up—

{The slide opens to reveal a fan in a Strong Bad costume.}

ANNOUNCER: —a dumb little song!

{The mouth on the costume animates.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} My mouth has been so loooow... since my baby left. And my head is all squished and withered! I call it "squithered". 'Cause you know I gotta portmanteau! Because my mouth is so low... {the mouth moves to a position closer to accurate} That's right, my mouth is so... {sings a high note as the mouth appears on the top of the mask} loooow!

{Window closes. Cut to Strong Bad still dancing on the pedestal.}

ANNOUNCER: All right, Strong Bad. It's time for the final round!

STRONG BAD: Okay, I'll take...

{Cut to a blue screen.}

STRONG BAD: Costumes that are so obscure you probably don't remember them. {screen shows $800} For 800 please.

{The next slide shows a fan dressed in a stovepipe hat and sash looking at a toppled penguin statue.}

STRONG BAD: Hmm... "mayo"... penguin... Oh! {Jeopardy time-out chime plays} I know this one! In the first episode of the Strong Bad Cool Game for Attractive People, {Teen Girl Squad music plays as the relevant panel is displayed} there was a Teen Girl Squad minigame! {The Ugly One appears with a chocolate bar} If you gave The Ugly One a chocolate bar at the right time, it did this!

{A talk balloon appears on the slide}

MAYOR: What will our fair city do without this brave robotic duck?

PENGUIN: Penguin.

MAYOR: No, you kiddin' me? A penguin, huh? All this time...

{Strong Bad laughs heartily.}

STRONG BAD: That's the best joke I ever made. That I had completely forgotten about until just now.

{Cut back to the title card.}

ANNOUNCER: That's it for tonight, folks. We'll see you all next Fanstumesdate!

{The title card withdraws to show a fan dressed as Homestar dressed as Strong Sad from impression.}

ANNOUNCER 2: Promotional consideration by: Some Animal Died Charities.

{The next picture shows three fans dressed as Coach Z, Homestar and Bubs respectively, standing outdoors.}'

ANNOUNCER 2: And these costumes we couldn't come up with anything funny to say about. Except for maybe this kid's feet.

{Close up on Homestar's feet. They appear to be black sandals with torn socks.}

ANNOUNCER 2: What is going on here?

{Text appears.}

ANNOUNCER 2: Also, we didn't get to do a Homsar quote based on the weird stuff in the back of people's photographs—

{A photo appears showing fans dressed as D'n'D Greg and The King of Town sitting at a table.}

ANNOUNCER 2: —so how about this one? {as Homsar} AaAaAaAah! {close up on the King of Town's dinner plate} I get to re-roll my chicken cutlet! That's pretty good, huh?

{Fade out. End.}

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