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Since 2007, every year The Brothers Chaps released full-length Halloween toons, they would also release teasers in advance, announcing that the Halloween toon will be put on the site later. The characters' costumes are represented as vague silhouettes. Strong Bad is the exception, as he always has on an unbelievably realistic and recognizable costume which is never the same in the full toon. Also, in every teaser, one can decompile the Flash file to see words written behind the silhouettes. There is always some action that occurs after waiting, the first two referencing the previous year's toon. The first three teasers link back to the Halloween-themed Main Page 7 (by the time the remaining teasers were released, it had become standard to not use "back" links). There were no teasers from 2010 to 2013, as there were no accompanying full-length toons.

[edit] List

Teaser Days Until Release Image Strong Bad Hidden Words After Waiting
Jibblies 2 Teaser October 25 - October 29
(4 days)
Halloween Toon Next Week! Xenomorph nice try dan Coach Z does his cricket and owl sound effects from Happy Hallow-day.
Most in the Graveyard Teaser October 27 - October 30
(3 days)
Halloween Toon Sometime This Week! Predator no cigar The Jibblies Painting appears and scares off the letter W in "Week".
Doomy Tales of the Macabre Teaser October 26 - October 29
(3 days)
Halloween Toon Sometime This Week! Robocop sorry charlie Homestar Runner accuses the rest of the characters of stealing his "covered all in black ink costume".
Halloween Safety October 20 - October 30
(10 days)
Halloween Toon Sometime Before Halloween Bug from Starship Troopers hidden words Homestar tells himself that he really likes his "that one guy from Mad mazagine" costume (when he was really a Neighborhood Watch sign).
The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Teaser October 21 - October 29
(8 days)
Halloween Toon Sometime in the next 10 days! A graboid dislike smoke Homestar sings a song about how he really likes everyone's costumes.
Later That Night... Teaser October 26 - October 28
(2 days)
Halloween Something Coming up! Monster from Stranger Things total cop-out Strong Bad says he wishes he'd followed through with his silhouette costumes.
Haunted Photo Booth Teaser October 6 - October 30
(25 days)
Silhouettes are up early this year! Ridley can't see this on youtube Character 2 walks by, while Strong Bad narrates in his soothing voice from Characters from Yonder Website. Character 2 asks for a costume and gets a "garland of thyme", then gets eaten by Strong Bad's costume.
Mr. Poofers Must Die Teaser October 18 - October 30
(12 days)
i always have to look up how to spell silhouettes BigDog secret reading Humidibot talks to Strong Bad's robot costume.
The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods Teaser October 22 - October 30
(8 days)
Oh man! Quick! Screen grab! Seriously, hurry! The Thing oh blurry moon After one second, a "splat" sounds and everything turns into the Storybook variations, albeit still silhouetted (with no Homsar).
Halloween Hijinks October 28
this is the whole cartoon this year A sandworm from Beetlejuice secret reading The Halloween toon begins.
Halloween Hide & Seek October 29
Halloween Hide & Seek: a "playable" ween "toon" Chaos from Loom N/A The teaser is the title screen of the game, which can be clicked to start.
2022 Costume Pack Now Available Teaser October 13 - October 23
(10 days)
woon toon soon Power Loader you are error The teaser is rendered in a style reminiscent of Homestarloween Party. Strong Bad comments on the old visuals and sound effects, and Homestar responds in his old voice.
@StrongBadActual Tweet (23 Oct 2023) October 23 - October 29
(6 days)
halloween is a day Backrooms Monster N/A N/A (The teaser is a JPEG posted to Twitter)
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