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Halloween costumes that the characters wore in various toons that weren't featured as the official Halloween cartoon that year, or which weren't the character's official costume.

Image Character Costume Explanation From
Homestar Runner Strong Bad Strong Bad showed the audience how to dress up as himself for Halloween, using Homestar as a test subject. His instructions, which Homestar follows, are to paint your head red, take off your shirt, put on boxing gloves or oven mitts and duct tape some alumninum foil to some twine. Then you have to get your mom to make you a Strong Bad costume (not shown). halloweener
Homestar Runner Halloween Colors The colors on his shirt are black and orange instead of red and white. Also his hat and the bottom of his feet are orange. Halloween Intro
Homestar Runner this İS my costume! Homestar looks like this when he's in the Malloween Commercial. The shirt is a reference to a shirt sold by Hallmark in the '80s. Malloween Commercial
Homestar Runner Creepy eye Same as when he was in the commercial, but he's wearing his normal shirt. Malloween Commercial
Marshie A vampire Marshie is dressed as a vampire. Malloween Commercial, Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up, Marshie Vs. Little Girl
The Sad Kids The King of Town and a witch The boy is dressed as The King of Town and the girl is dressed as a witch in the Malloween Commercial. Malloween Commercial, Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up
Strong Bad A witch A red witch's hat and a mask, designed to scare passers-by such as Marzipan, although it fails in broad daylight. This mask and hat are very similar to those worn by Lucy Van Pelt in the classic Peanuts animated special, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Happy Hallow-day
Homestar Runner A newsboy A brown golfers hat and a white dress shirt with overall straps. Homestar claims it's not his Halloween get-up. Happy Hallow-day
Homestar Runner Bubs A cheap plastic mask, and a cheap plastic apron with Bubs' picture and name on it. Also black pants. Costume Commercial
Small child Twelve-Times-A-Day Man Seen on the flier. Costume Commercial
Strong Sad Street blockade A "discreet reflector" from Strong Sad's line of "SAFE-T LOSE-R" Halloween accessories. Costume Commercial
Strong Sad Egg-proof poncho A deluxe decoy poncho from Strong Sad's line of Halloween accessories. Costume Commercial
Bubs Bubs A cheap plastic mask, and a cheap plastic apron with Bubs' picture and name on it. Worn earlier in the toon by Homestar. Costume Commercial
Coach Z Marzipan Coach Z is dressed as Marzipan (a bikini modeled after her purple dress, with the additions of cat ears and a devil's tail), but he thinks he is dressed as himself. Costume Commercial
Strong Sad Grim Reaper Strong Sad is dressed as the Grim Reaper on the front of his book. Doomy Tales of the Macabre
Homestar Runner A "WARNING: Neighbors are a-watchin'!" sign. Homestar's costume at the beginning of the toon. It's based on the common "WARNING NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH" signs. Halloween Safety
Homestar Runner A "Slippery when Wet" sign. Another one of Homestar's costume ideas. Halloween Safety
Homestar Runner A "Construction Zone" sign. Another one of Homestar's sign costume ideas. Halloween Safety
Homestar Runner A "School Crossing" sign. An "ina-pro-pro" costume idea. Halloween Safety
Homestar Runner A "Route 66" sign. Another one of Homestar's costume ideas. Halloween Safety
Crack Stuntman A "Neighbrahood Watch" sign. Shown in an Easter egg endorsing HalloweenSafety.gov. Halloween Safety
Strong Bad A person dressed up as Sir Hotbod Handsomeface. Strong Bad did not recognize that a fan dressed up as Sir Hotbod Handsomeface earlier in the toon, instead interpreting it as a poor representation of Strong Bad's usual appearance. Strong Bad's costume used the elements of "a hard hat and a stripey face" to spoof the fan's costume. Fan Costumes 2015
Homestar Runner A person dressed up as Homestar. Homestar is dressed to resemble a fan's Homestar Runner costume from earlier in the toon. He is facetiously described as "All-The-Time Homestar" to point out the many inaccuracies in the outfit. Fan Costumes 2015
Strong Bad Sharpdene Strong Bad dresses up as Sharpdene (in reference to Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2) to go ghost-hunting with Strong Sad. His costume consists of him being taped to a coat rack wearing a wig and sunglasses, consistent with what Strong Bad describes in his answering machine message. Later That Night..., @StrongBadActual
Homestar Runner Marshie Homestar is a mascot for a new flavor of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. It is unclear whether he has control over the costume, as it speaks in Marshie's voice, and Homestar asks Coach Z to rescue him. Later That Night...
Character 2 Garland of Sweet Thyme Strong Bad gives Character 2 a garland of sweet thyme for a Halloween costume. Haunted Photo Booth Teaser
Homsar The Man From Another Place The Man from Another Place is a character from Twin Peaks known for his diminutive stature, red dress shirt and suit, and reversed speech. Early in the series, he provides Agent Cooper clues to apprehending his nemesis, BOB (who Strong Bad dressed as that year). Haunted Photo Booth
The Brothers Strong Monsters Each of the Brothers Strong wears a different mask in the Storybook section of the cartoon. Strong Sad's bears a resemblance to a proboscis monkey. The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods
Stave It Off Guy Large Bean Halloween Hijinks
The King of Town, Bubs, Coach Z, and Marzipan Characters from Bod Along with Homestar dressed as the titular character of Bod, other characters are dressed as the remaining main characters of the show in this Easter egg. The King of Town is PC Copper, Bubs is Farmer Barleymow, Coach Z is Frank the Postman, and Marzipan is Aunt Flo. Halloween Hijinks
Marzipan and Strong Mad Ursa and Non from Superman II Along with Strong Bad dressed as General Zod from Superman II, Marzipan and Strong Mad are dressed as Ursa and Non, General Zod's two henchman, in this Easter egg. Halloween Hijinks
Homestar Runner and Pom Pom Vampire's Castle Gallery and Ye Flask, respectively In an Easter egg, Homestar dresses in a fanmade costume featured earlier in the toon, based on Disk 4 of 12 - Vampire's Castle, with Pom Pom dressing as ye flask from the same game. Fan 'Stumes 2022
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