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watch Halloween Potion-ma-jig Fall Float Parade
"Aww, Homestar babies!"

Strong Bad cruelly makes fun of the Halloween costumes fans made, again.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Jibblies Painting, Homestar Runner (all audio only)

Costumes depicted (in order of first appearance): Strong Bad, Rather Dashing, Trogdor, Coach Z, The King of Town, Marzipan, The Cheat, Bubs, Mr. Shmallow, Jibblies Painting, Homestar Runner

Page Title: The Ween Aught Five

Date: Monday, November 7, 2005

Running Time: 3:05

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2


[edit] Transcript

{The title "More Halloween Costumes" is displayed at the top of the screen against a foggy blue night sky background. Framed in the center of the screen is the first picture: A man wearing a very large Strong Bad head, tilted off-center due to its size. He is wearing business-casual clothing and standing in front of a nondescript office building.}

STRONG BAD: Dear Strong Bad, how's your miserable job at the depressing faceless office park? Oh, pretty good, Geraldine. Today they let me stand out in the parking lot and stretch my head during my seven-minute lunch break. If I'm lucky, I'll get to work here for ten years with no promotion and then get laid off!

{The next picture appears: A man dressed in peasant robes with fabric flames on his head. He is holding a large flame-spewing Trogdor plushie. A datestamp in the corner reads "10/22/2005".}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, a burning peasant and Trogdor partying together in perfect harmony! And a full nine days before Halloween, even!

{The next picture appears: Three painted gourds in front of a pumpkin. The gourds are painted with the likenesses of Coach Z, The King of Town, and Marzipan; placed in front of each gourd is its corresponding official figurine.}

STRONG BAD: {in "public radio" voice} Oh, and next on the worthless arts and crafts shopping channel, the Least Popular Homestar Runner Characters gourd collection. Nothing completes an old lady vestibule quite like them.

{The next picture appears: A small child wearing a The Cheat costume. The child's hands and feet are visible at the ends of the costume, and The Cheat's head is formed from a beret-like hat.}

STRONG BAD: Aah! The Cheat! Some kind of adorable baby is bursting out of you!

{The next picture appears: A person wearing a Bubs costume, with a round plush head and long sleeves that extend to mitten-like fingerless hand coverings. They are standing in an office space, with cubicles and tables with orange and black decorations visible in the background.}

STRONG BAD: Come on, man, Bubs has flipper arms, not tentacle arms. Those things look deadly, like they could pry the shell off a... mollusk... in no time flat. Now, go enjoy the crappy Halloween decorations we put up in the cafeteria. Amanda from sales worked all morning on those!

{The next picture appears: a daytime shot of two young women holding a large papier-mâché Strong Bad head between them. Both are smiling in anticipation.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, yeah. That's the way to get decapitated, man. Couple of young ladies to cuddle up with my giant severed head...

{The next picture appears: a nighttime shot of the same Strong Bad head, now suspended from a tree while a blindfolded young woman swings at it with a stick.}

STRONG BAD: Uh—oh, wait a minute, now, girls, what's going on here?!

{The next picture appears: The Strong Bad head, now clearly revealed to be a piñata, broken open with its contents spilling out. Another blindfolded person stands nearby, holding the stick.}

STRONG BAD: Aaah! My poor husky head! Were there at least any Twixes in there?!

{The next picture appears: A large cylindrical Mr. Shmallow costume worn by a fan, obscuring most of their body.}

STRONG BAD: A Mr. Shmallow costume?! Are you kidding me? Were you trying to lose friends this Halloween?

{The next picture appears: A person dressed as Trogdor. A large recreation of his head covers their head while loose green fabric covers their torso and upper legs, giving the dragon a more upright appearance than his serpentine illustration; the costume also has a beefy arm, small wings, angry eyes, and a puff of flame attached. They appear to be in a community center or similar public place.}

STRONG BAD: I said "S and more different S"! Not 7 or... more different... crescent wrench. And is that limp pantyhose worm supposed to be a beefy arm? Why don't you walk back there to the China Express and get them to fill that thing with teriyaki chicken. And then we'll go to Spencer's Gifts.

{The next picture appears: A split shot of a jack-o-lantern with the Rocoulm carved into it. The two pictures show the pumpkin in a well-lit kitchen and again with the lights out and lit from inside by a candle.}

JIBBLIES PAINTING: {menacing whisper} Come on in heeere.

STRONG BAD: Uh-oh, that thing is way more evil in pumpkin form. {straining} Must... fight... jibblies! Can't... hold... on... much... longer! A-jibblie-jibblie!

{The next picture appears: Three small children dressed as Strong Bad, Homestar, and The Cheat sitting on a staircase steps and holding candy baskets.}

STRONG BAD: Aww, Homestar babies! Check 'em out, they're just like real life! The Strong Bad kid is like, "Ooh! Feel my wrath!" And the Homestar kid is just totally clueless, like, "I wike candies." And then The Cheat is like, "Whoa, I bet I could swipe that plasma screen over there."

{The next picture appears: A close-up of a chocolate labrador wearing a Homestar Runner red star shirt and a blue propeller beanie.}

STRONG BAD: Ohh. That is animal cruelty. Could that dog possibly be more miserable? I bet if old Rover left some sweet spots on that carpet they'd take him out of that ridiculous geddup. Come on, boy. Leave a sweet spot! Just a little sweet spot!

{The next picture appears: Two young women; the one on the left is wearing a tight Homestar red star shirt, a blue propeller beanie, tight red short shorts, white thigh-high hose, and platform heels with blue soles. The woman on the right is not dressed as a Homestar character, wearing a black girdle and hose}

STRONG BAD: Ha-a, dar dar dar dar DA-A!! So confused... what to think?? Hot Homestar?!? My brain is splitting in half!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hey Strong Bad!

STRONG BAD: Daa! You get outta here!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whoa, you sound tense. Do you want me to give you, like, a back rub or anything?

STRONG BAD: Uh... yes! No! I... don't know! Next picture, next picture!!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think this is the last one, sweetie.

STRONG BAD: WAAAAA!! {trails off as though he's running away}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I should probably stop calling everybody "sweetie".

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • The name "More Fan Costumes" refers to a similar feature for Halloween 2003: Fan Costume Commentary.
  • A mollusk is any of a variety of chiefly marine invertebrates, typically characterized by a soft, unsegmented body encased in a protective shell. The octopus, a mollusk which lacks the characteristic shell, has tentacles which it occasionally uses to pry open shelled mollusks to feed on them.

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[edit] Inside References

WAY more evil.

[edit] Real-World References

  • Spencer Gifts is a novelty store commonly found in many North American shopping malls.
  • China Express is implied to be a restaurant. Malls in North America frequently feature restaurants which serve American Chinese food, such as the similarly-named Panda Express.
  • Twix is a chocolate snack or candy bar made by Mars, Inc. consisting of a cookie center topped with caramel or peanut butter and coated in milk chocolate. Its most familiar selling point is that there are two Twix bars per package, supposedly doubling your enjoyment.

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