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Weekly Fanstuff


This is a list of all the Weekly Fanstuff appearances from 2005.

Image Date Text Description
4rt b4ndit strikes again 08 Dec 2005 4rt b4ndit strikes again A Dell laptop with the Rad, Rad Robotank – The Cheat used this stencil to vandalize a portrait of Strong Bad in portrait (A printable version of the stencil is available in an Easter egg at the end of that email). The original photo can be seen here.
sweet sterrance bag 25 Nov 2005 sweet sterrance bag A Sterrance backpack.
lego fan sculptures 17 Nov 2005 lego fan sculptures LEGO sculptures of Blue Laser Commander and Stinkoman.
see gee en you! 10 Nov 2005 see gee en you! A pennant from Crazy Go Nuts University. The Jolly Dumple is shown on it.
kids dig the cheat 03 Nov 2005 kids dig the cheat Three children dressed in Halloween costumes resembling The Cheat. The first child's costume would be featured again in More Fan Costumes; the middle kid is named Josie, who had a series of photos submitted on her behalf.
fatbody sb bobblehead 27 Oct 2005 fatbody sb bobblehead A "bobblehead" doll of Strong Bad made with clay.
no way am i usin' orange 20 Oct 2005 no way am i usin' orange A graffiti drawing of Homestar Runner.
sweet cheatpod sleeve 06 Oct 2005 sweet cheatpod sleeve An iPod sleeve in the shape of The Cheat. More pictures can be seen here.
pixel blocks homestar 29 Sept 2005 pixel blocks homestar Homestar Runner in the form of Pixel Blocks.
homestarbeque 22 Sept 2005 homestarbeque A barbecue using the colors of Homestar Runner, with the word "homestarbeque", a star and the phrase "Seriously." imprinted on the top.
fairly on point kings 15 Sept 2005 fairly on point kings A fan dressed up as Strong Bad, possibly a dresser posing as Strong Mad, with a The Cheat plushie sitting on top of him. Title mentions the On Point Kings.
smooshed strongblecakes 08 Sept 2005 smooshed strongblecakes Cakes made to appear like Strong Bad's head. Title is a reference to Grumblecakes.
h jumping jacks man r 01 Sept 2005 h jumping jacks man r The Homestar Runner logo recreated in LEGO.
strong bad drummer tat 25 Aug 2005 strong bad drummer tat A tattoo of Strong Bad holding a pair of drumsticks.
hsr wedding invite 18 Aug 2005 hsr wedding invite Homestar Runner and Marzipan appearing on a wedding invitation.
beachface homsar 11 Aug 2005 beachface homsar Homsar drawn in the sand.
ain't that a drag! 04 Aug 2005 ain't that a drag! A Kick The Cheat doll and real-life Wagon Fulla Pancakes from montage.
beady little the cheat 21 Jul 2005 beady little the cheat The Cheat made out of beads.
eh! steve pillow 07 Jul 2005 eh! steve pillow An Eh! Steve! pillow.
a real sign in new jersey 30 Jun 2005 a real sign in new jersey A sign along highway 347 in southern New Jersey. Obvious exits are North, South, and Dennis, a small township.
fan basement & couch 23 Jun 2005 fan basement & couch A room similar to the basement of the Brothers Strong, complete with patch on the couch.
trogdor the bubninator 16 Jun 2005 trogdor the bubninator An Etch-A-Sketch drawing of Trogdor.
cool s c'n'c linocut 10 Jun 2005 cool s c'n'c linocut A carved linoleum stamp with Eh! Steve!, The Worm, and Sherlock, and the design it produces.
the brothers chapstick 02 Jun 2005 the brothers chapstick A Homestar Runner figure made from a tube of Chapstick. The title refers to The Brothers Chaps.
stonehenge homestar 12 May 2005 stonehenge homestar? A "picture" of Homestar Runner on a large rock.
feltstar creeper 28 Apr 2005 feltstar creeper A Homestar Runner costume made of felt.
sharkmobile pinewood derby. can it work? 21 Apr 2005 sharkmobile pinewood derby. can it work? A pinewood derby car made of the sharkmobile from the Easter egg at the end of Strong Bad Email #91 caffeine.
sweet sterrance doll 14 Apr 2005 sweet sterrance doll A fan-made doll of Sterrance.
graw mad dresser 31 Mar 2005 graw mad dresser A dresser painted to look like Strong Mad. The name "Graw Mad" comes from the facts.
'lectric tape hotness, yo 25 Mar 2005 'lectric tape hotness, yo Costumes of the main characters from Teen Girl Squad, with electrical tape used to recreate the characters' outlines. The title recalls 'Lectric Boots.
my name stuffed bubs 17 Mar 2005 my name stuffed bubs A stuffed toy of Bubs.
dump tape wallet 10 Mar 2005 dump tape wallet A wallet made of duct tape with a picture of Strong Sad on it.
cheatar's final home 27 Feb 2005 cheatar's final home The Cheatar, a creation of The Brothers Chaps, showcased in the home of its buyer.
soapstar cleanser 17 Feb 2005 soapstar cleanser Homestar Runner encased in soap.
trogsaic vs. trogstitch 10 Feb 2005 trogsaic vs. trogstitch A mosaic image of Trogdor and a cross-stitched image of Trogdor.
sweet frosting tips 27 Jan 2005 sweet frosting tips A cake made to look like the Teen Girl Squad being "BIRTHDAYED!!!"
ancient hsr stop sign 20 Jan 2005 ancient hsr stop sign A mosaic image of Homestar created on an octagonal piece of clay (hence the reference to a stop sign).
photoshopped but still 14 Jan 2005 photoshopped but still A Mazda Miata photoshopped to look like The Cheat.
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