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Costumes that the characters wore in Which Ween Costumes?, Halloween/Decemberween 2010.

Image Character Costume Explanation External Links
Bubs Dead Guy from Die Hard Tony Vreski, the actual name of the character, was one of Hans Gruber's henchmen in the 1988 action film Die Hard, which was centered around a robbery on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles. After Detective John McClane killed Tony, he wrote a message on his shirt (the same one seen here) to taunt Gruber and his other henchmen. Wikipedia article
The King of Town Heat Miser The Heat Miser is a character from the Rankin/Bass stop motion animated special The Year Without a Santa Claus. He provides warm weather to the world, and has a perpetual rivalry with his brother, the Snow Miser (who provides cold weather to the world). Wikipedia article
Strong Mad The Abominable Snowman The Abominable Snow Monster (called "Snowman" in the toon) is a character from the Rankin/Bass stop-motion animated special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He kidnapped Rudolph's parents and girlfriend, but was defeated by Rudolph and his friends, and later enlisted as a tree decorator for Santa's workshop. Wikipedia article
Pom Pom A Snow Globe A snow globe is a popular decoration and Christmas gift. Pom Pom's snow globe is a re-creation of the scene in the field (with several variations). Wikipedia article
The Poopsmith Voldar Voldar is the main antagonist from the 1964 science fiction B-movie Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. The film is generally regarded as one of the all-time worst and gained modern notoriety when it was featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the 1990s. Wikipedia article
Coach Z  ??? Coach Z is dressed as "the rapping paper", used as both a play on words with wrapping paper (which is traditionally used to wrap gifts) as well as a nod to Coach Z's long-standing reputation of dressing up as a rapper for Halloween. Coach Z is not actually dressed up as wrapping paper but as a sheet of loose leaf notebook paper. Wikipedia article
The Cheat Max Max is the Grinch's dog from Dr. Seuss's children's book and animated special How the Grinch Stole Christmas! In the book, Max is given an antler (sported by The Cheat) to wear on his head to help him resemble a reindeer. Wikipedia article
Strong Bad Fragile Lamp This lamp, in the shape of a woman's leg, was the "major award" Ralphie Parker's father received, in a box labeled "fragile" (which he pronounced, "frah-gee-lay"), in A Christmas Story. Ralphie's father regards this as one of his most prized possessions, but his mother hates it and later breaks it while watering a plant. Wikipedia article
Marzipan Cindy Lou Who Cindy Lou Who is a character from Dr. Seuss's children's book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! She is the only one in Whoville who witnesses the Grinch attempting to steal Christmas, although she mistakes him for Santa Claus, and the Grinch claims he only intends to repair a light on her parents' Christmas tree. Marzipan's costume is specifically based on the design from the 1966 Chuck Jones animated adaption. Wikipedia article
Homestar Runner The Alien Super-Being The Alien Super Being is a character from Christmas on Mars, an independent psychological science fiction film by the rock band The Flaming Lips. Played by frontman Wayne Coyne, the Alien Super-Being is a Martian the protagonist Major Syrtis encounters on a newly colonized Mars. Assumed to be just another human driven insane, the Martian becomes a makeshift replacement for Santa in Syrtis's Christmas pageant about the first colonist baby. Wikipedia article
Strong Sad Ralphie Parker Ralphie Parker is the main character in the film A Christmas Story. Specifically, Strong Sad's costume is of Ralphie in the pink bunny suit his Aunt Clara made for him for Christmas, which his mother forces him to wear despite his objections. After further objections from his father, Mrs. Parker agrees to only have him wear it when his Aunt Clara visits. Wikipedia article
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