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The new face of terror!
This article is about the pseudocharacter. For the Skills of an Artist episode, see Large Bean (toon).

Large Bean is the result of Strong Bad's attempt to create an "entirely new horror icon" for his haunted house, St. Cadaverstump's totally not just an old furniture warehouse Morgue-tuary, saying people are getting tired of the same old evil clowns, undead cheerleaders, and bloody-eyed found footage children. Large Bean is a soul-eating humanoid figure with a large, "chubby crescent moon"-shaped greenish bean for a head, hence the name. He wears a white, untucked thrift store dress shirt and black pants, which, according to Strong Bad, were bought at a department store and were even more expensive than the shirt.

Although Strong Bad claims Large Bean is "the new face of terror", no one else seems to find Large Bean scary or even unsettling. Homestar Runner even gives Strong Sad, Bubs, and Coach Z a museum-style tour of Large Bean. There is apparently a museum gift shop where Large Bean plush dolls are sold. According to Homestar, other varieties of Large Bean include "small bean", "extra large bean", and his favorite, "teenie weenie beanie". At the end of the toon, a narrator tells a spooky poem about Largest Bean, but even the narrator can't get behind him. It is unknown if Largest Bean is another variety of Large Bean, or simply a nickname.

Nearly two years after his debut, Strong Bad draws Large Bean in the Skills of an Artist episode Large Bean, in which he appears beside "one of those old-timey suitcases with the travel stickers on it". Strong Bad implies that Large Bean will go to Des Moines and the Wisconsin Dells. Homestar points out that he looks more like a joyous bean. In Fan Costumes 2017, released less than a month later, in response to two fans dressing as Large Bean, Strong Bad is pleased that Large Bean is finally getting the respect he deserves.

Stave it off...

Large Bean appeared on The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries as a villain who murdered Councilman Zonepermit. Upon being chased down and unmasked, it was revealed he was actually the Stave It Off Guy in disguise. However, later in the cartoon, a monster that resembles Large Bean (and looks different from Stave It Off Guy's costume) appears to sing along with him.

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