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"Hey, that's a good jam!"

The people of Free Country, USA feel the music in their souls, and frequently break into song. These are musical moments.

Once in a while, a scenario gets music or a beat added to it. This is often initiated by The Cheat with his keyboard.

[edit] Appearances

  • In Search of the Yello Dello — Upon finding the Yello Dello, Homestar sings a song greeting it.
  • A Jumping Jack ContestStrong Bad sings the song "Who is the guy who wins all the contests?" This song later appears in the track list of Strong Bad Sings.
  • Email vacation — Strong Bad plays a guitar and sings a song about that clock.
  • Email helium — After inhaling helium, Strong Bad breaks into a song about joining the high-voice crew.
  • Email technoStrong Bad imitates a techno song he once heard, and The Cheat is seen flicking the lights and twirling a glowstick when all the elements from the song he described inexplicably play at once.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — Coach Z and Marzipan use songs as their greetings. Giving Bubs the Mallow Cup or the Dum Dums will lead him to sing a song about each. Giving Homestar the circus peanuts will lead to him singing Entrance of the Gladiators. Giving Homsar the taffies will lead to him singing a song about sweet treats.
  • Pumpkin Carve-nival — After winning a ribbon for his pumpkin, Bubs raps "I feel so fine, I feel so elated".
  • A Decemberween Pageant — The play contains a song where the characters sing about how they can't find the first Decemberween.
  • Bug in Mouth Disease — Homestar is running and singing to his theme song.
  • Email caper — After Strong Bad talks about his attempted caper with The Cheat, the Compy 386 begins playing music as he breaks into song with Strong Mad and Strong Sad, who provide claps and backing vocals.
  • Email sibbie — Strong Bad's statement that he will never write a song about Sibbie becomes a song about Sibbie when The Cheat adds a beat to it using his keyboard, and apparently records it as Strong Sad and Homestar Runner are later seen listening to it.
  • Email mile — Strong Bad enters and exits singing "And I pretend that it's made of money".
  • Email monument — Whenever The Thnikkaman arrives or departs, a chorus of singers announces it. In the Easter egg, Homestar sings it.
    • A musical moment happens for all of The Thnikkaman's appearances.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 (Easter egg) — During the issue, two boys are shown on the beach; one says, "I miss video games," and the other says, "I miss my mom." During the Easter egg, this dialogue develops into a remix with the theme music.
  • Email lunch special — Bubs sings "Shinin' up a chicken in the mo'nin', mo'nin'".
  • Email cheatday — After receiving an unsigned email, Strong Bad imagines the sender's name to be "Mike Control", which he makes a short rap about. Coach Z suggests they "cut a demo" with it, and Bubs suggests he play keytar. He later appears and starts playing it while Strong Bad sings The Cheat's "Date of Birth Song".
  • Email extra plug — While doing Strong Bad's email "unplugged", a tied-up Homestar begins to sing that he has to pee. Strong Sad later joins him.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — One of the options for Homestar to earn a stirring utensil is to sing a song.
  • Email do over — Homestar suggests to Strong Bad that he should try to impress Ali and Ali's sister by singing to them. Strong Bad sings to them off-key while Homestar plays the drum.
  • Email — Strong Bad sings a song when given a Laserdisc by The Cheat.
  • Happy Hallow-Day — Marzipan tries to lure back Halloween night by playing reggae, and Coach Z joins in by making sound effects.
  • No Hands On Deck — Homestar considers writing a musical about building a deck. Coach Z auditions by singing "Oh Where is my Mudder-Dee-Doo".
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2 — Strong Bad's prank call to Marzipan claiming she said she'd bake a cake for all her friends gets a drum beat and bass guitar added to it.
  • A Folky Tale — Coach Z interrupts Strong Sad's story twice with "The Dancing Brothers" who dance and sing "Gonna have a good time tonight".
  • Date Nite — As their cardboard submarine sinks, Strong Bad and Homestar sing the Strong Badian National Anthem.
  • Email space program — After his adventure is over, Strong Bad sings the theme song for Space Captainface: Pretender of the Galaxies.
  • Email the movies — Homestar starts singing "Ever and More" while demonstrating the role of "little girl behind me who wouldn't shut up".
  • Quality Time — Marzipan sings a song about marshmallows on her guitar with Cardboard Homestar.
  • Email pop-up — After reading the email once, Strong Bad raps it twice. The Cheat then appears with his keyboard and presumably asks Strong Bad to rap it again while he plays a beat over it.
  • Email death metal — Strong Bad says metal songs for people with blonde hair consist of words such as "tonite", "wooh-mon", and streets in Los Angeles. He then brings up a video stream of Larry Palaroncini of Limozeen singing a song with those words.
  • Email redesign — Strong Bad's way of redesigning his no loafing sign includes singing "Stretch it, skew it, and turn it all around!"
  • Email road trip — When Strong Bad finds he can't play a CD on The Gremlin's 8-track, he sings his own jammin' tunes.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 — Faced with the prospect of going to prison, So and So jumps into the garbage disposal while Strong Bad sings about her chosen demise.
  • Email concert — Strong Bad says that songs by sloshy don't have guitar solos, so he makes up his own.
  • Email pizza joint (Easter egg) — Homestar sings about having a pizza party.
    • Email slumber party (Easter egg) — Like the preceding email, Homestar sings about having a slumber party.
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People — Musical moments are one of the indicators of Strong Bad's awesomeness rating.
    • Baddest of the Bands — When Strong Bad tries to offer an entry form to either Strong Mad or The Cheat, Marzipan breaks into song saying not to bother them.
  • Fan Costumes '09 — Strong Bad sings three songs about fan costumes: the first one is about how The Ugly One drawn on a cardboard box doesn't count as a costume, the second is about how nobody will recognize a Sterrance costume, and the third one accompanies a montage of poorly-done Homestar Runner costumes.
  • Fish Eye Lens (Easter egg) — Strong Bad, at a loss for words, starts babbling in rhythm, and The Cheat adds a back-beat to it.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Teaser — Homestar compliments other characters' costumes in rhythm while music plays in the background.
  • Later That Night... — Dramatic piano music plays as Homestar compliments Strong Sad's costume in song.
  • Mr. Poofers Must Die — Strong Bad's attempt to kill off Mr. Poofers ends with him bursting into song and the rest of the cast joining in.
  • Fan Costumes 2018 — In response to fans dressed as Homsar and Coach Z, Strong Bad sings a song about how he's impressed, but disturbed. The second time, Coach Z joins him.

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