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Trogdor can refer to any of the following:

Various merchandise also features the beefy-armed dragon.

  • First sold on the Flash Store:
    • Trogdor Black T-Shirt
    • Trogdor Hooded Sweatshirt
    • Trogdor Messenger Bag
    • Trogdor Static Cling
    • Trogdor Bumper Sticker
  • First sold on the Yahoo Store:
    • "Five-dor" T-Shirt
    • Trogdor Lite T-Shirt
    • Trogdor Polo Shirt
    • Baby Trogdor Onesie and Toddler T-Shirt
    • Trogdor zip-up hooded sweatshirt
    • Trogdor Baseball Cap
    • Trogdor Beanie Cap
    • Trogdor Tote Bag
    • Trogdor "Blacklight" poster
    • Membership patch for the "Trogdor Hi-Score club"
  • First sold on the Shopify Store:
    • Trogdor Burninate the Countryside Shirt
    • Trogdor New Shirt
    • Trogdor Onesie
    • Enamel Pin Set, including Meeple Trogdor and Notebook Paper Trogdor
    • Videlectrix Fhone Machine iPhone Case, featuring TROGDOR! game art
    • Trogdor Mug
    • Trogdor Poster
  • First sold on the Teespring store:
    • Trogdor Beefy Arm T-Shirt
    • Trogdor Sticker
  • First sold on Fangamer:
    • Trogdor the Burninator shirt

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