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Please carry all luggage with you while departing from MARKIE AIRLINES. Have a nice stay!!!

BURNBOX: this mic on?

Good. Anydangway, my name is BurninatorBoombox. I am not linked to Markie whatsoever. At all.

MARKIE: Oh, yes you are. I built you out of scratch using parts from thrown away TVs, radio antennae, and AI programming.

BURNBOX: Oh no you didn't!

MARKIE: Oh yes I did.

BURNBOX: Oh, fine. So I AM linked to Markie. Whatever.

MARKIE: And now let me introduce myself. My name is Markie, one of them H*R fans. I built BurninatorBoombox, a boombox that creates beats and looks like that Ghetto Blaster from H*

BURNBOX: Good enough. So you know us now.

MARKIE: Let us be the first to say that you are the first ones to step inside our userspace!!!

BURNBOX: Riiiiight...

MARKIE: And that's about it. Because I don't know what to say next.

BURNBOX: Now go forth and explore this userspace and HRWiki!

MARKIE: This ends our weird transcript thing.


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[edit] Welcoming Comittee

Hey there. Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki!
A few things that I can point out for you to get started:
  • Look at the MediaWiki User's Guide to learn how to edit like a true...editor.
  • If you're stuck or lost, post questions on the discussion page. Oh, and also read the FAQ. It'll help.
  • Read the Standards so you know what to do.
  • Check The Stick. Trust me.
  • Make some new friends...and get a bite to eat.
  • Remember that above all else, this is a collaborative knowledge-base dedicated to Homestar Runner.
  • And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

-MK and/or BurnBox of The Homestar Runner Welcoming Committee. Batteries not included, see your local retailer for more info

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