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Buz is here: ~/some\email<address* Nathan.Buzdor.Com CD-R Burner (I had to obfuscate my email address because spambots were getting it, but make something up, I'll probably get it).


DUDE! DUDE DUDE DUDE! You were in Mercy Ships???? AWESOME!! I was gonna try to join them, but it wasn't in His plan I suppose...I'm in the military instead.

Did you ever stay in Lindale, TX? AgentSeethroo

In for two months, nothing big like being crew for a year or two. It was an awesome time in my life. Never been to Lindale, though as HQ for YWAM/MS, and for Last Day's ministry, it should be a pretty hoppin' burg. --Buz

Hate to tell ya this dude, but Lindale is TINY. BUT! the church beside the HQ (Community Christian Fellowship or CCF) is ROCKIN! Paul Baloche is the worship leader there...I lived by lindale for like lotsa years. Shoot me an email sometime, it's AgentSeethroo


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