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Image:stinkogame-enemy-cloud.gifDa cheese 23:09, 18 Sep 2005 (UTC)Image:stinkogame-enemy-cloud.gif


Where my name came from. See big white face!

== Overword == Image:stinkogame-enemy-mrubbers.gif


[edit] Current likings and crap

The king's gone mad with power!!! He's gonna eat the chort!!!!!

Family guy


The cheat


Stupid videos dot com

[edit] Favorite Sayings

Evil Painting that lives in Strongsad's closet: ...Come on in here...

Strongsad:Did you get a virus?

Strongbad:Uh, I dont know.

Strongsad:Did you get 400,000 viruses?

Strongbad:Yes.Very yes!

Computer over!!!

Compy: Computer over. Virus=very yes.

Strongbad: And... the Compy Just peed the carpet.

Homestar: Oh hey there, Dripping Yellow Madness.

Strongsad: No Homestar... Dripping yellow madness moved away after the fifth grade.

Homestar: What in Pete Sampras is going on here?

What in Pete Sampras is going on here?!!!

Homestar: It all started when I was spitting teddy grams, when one of them got stuck to the ceiling.

Strongbad: Was it your unbelievably loose grasp of the world around you?

Homestar: Ya... I guess I have one of those.

Homestar: Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Right. Right. Wait!

Poorly drawn Homestar: Okay... Hot soup is on my eye...

The Thnikaman: Now all I needs is some Go-Go Girls to Dance around in some Go-Go boots!

Strongbad: The Cheat!!! I thought we were opting for the bottomless pit. Not a two foot pit!!!

The Cheat: (Speaks jibberish, in cheat talk)

Strongmad: I have a funny hat!!!

Coach Z: Just cram a little Hoompah down your pants and you'll be up that rope in an instant!

Saddy Dumpington: Hello Mr. Cricket, you have no central nerve system, so it won't hurt if I yank your legs off. Isn't that great?

Coach Z: What would the dancing brothers do in a situation like this?!!! ...Gonna have a good time tonight! Gonna have a good time tonight...

(Shudders) The coach is on a rampage!

Coach Z: Hey guys, check it out! Im hot girl number 37!

[edit] The Dancing brothers

Here is the "Sandbox" for my "page". Basicly give any comments and/or suggestions you have. Or just put your name down. Pointless, but we all have to have a hobby! Enjoy.Image:DancingBros.PNG

[edit] Thanks

Thanks to *It's dot com for helping me with my spacing. It really was crappy.Also, he taught me how to use pictures.

Thanks to *Gravy Train Conductor for introducing me to H*R wiki. You rock!!!

[edit] Conclusion

This crap ain't funny!

Getting bored? Too bad!!! Im not good at this sort of thing. So this is it... Hoped you like it. If you didn't, then you suck!!! Isn't that great?

Thanks for breaking my cow lamp..

Commandos in the Classroom

Image:stinkogame-enemy-saw.gifImage:stinkogame-enemy-mrubbers.gifImage:stinkogame-enemy-saw.gifImage:stinkogame-enemy-blade.gif Image:stinkogame-enemy-blade.gif

I love that cheat

Homestar:Peanuts I am the duck gaurdian!!! Don't mess with my ducks. Wha... When did this happen?...Geddup Geddup. Its the geddup noise.

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