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Vvvvvt Eangt clonk-a-donk!

== HAY GUISE == EPIC here!

Came here from TV Tropes as I kept lurking around both wikis. You can recognize me under the same name, but in a more different font size as well as being raped to end in "the Troper". Discovered this through Neopets who somehow, threw in too many references to the Chapmens' creatiens. By the way, he still considers himself a childrens who gets pleasured by just being fed (Na, na, la la laaaaa, hey, hey! Doo-doot doo!).

Anyways, you guys can find my H*R-centric biography, and just like the Chapmens, I am a bit of a nerd as well. Which is why I'M DYING TO KNOW IF EVER THE CHAPMENS WILL DO ANYTHING FOR THE DSi.


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