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[edit] Introduction to me!

Well, I'm back after a long absence. Not much has changed to be honest, although I'm taller, 17 and have more experience at video games. I'm still fat, and have green eyes.

[edit] My mad Skillz!

  • I am a writer! Not a professional one mind you, but I could be if I practice enough ^_^
  • I can also draw... Sorta :F I need a lotta pratice to get good at it, but I procrastinate :/
  • I am a Moderator at, which is an Ace Attorney fansite.
  • I also play in the VG mafia forum, where we play the classic party game in a more expanded form
  • I try my best to contribute here, although I mostly just discuss ideas in talk pages
  • You can also find me at Wikipedia, and various other websites!

[edit] My greatest Contributions to HR Wiki

  • Ripping many of the pics for the minor characters of TGS episode 12
  • Writing the Strong Bad Robot bit on the same Page

Thanks for dropping by! Gerkuman 13:48, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

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