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My Userbox


[edit] About Me

I have watched every single cartoon on the Homestar Runner website. I go on YouTube, play games, do schoolwork/homework, and STILL have enough time to get out and get active. I have an old, old BMX bike that an old neighbor of mine gave to me. This bike's only been with me for a year, and it's pretty rusty. Of course, this could just be because it's old, and probably more than a year old.

[edit] My Favorites

[edit] Games

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Peasant's Quest
  • Stinkoman 20X6
  • Punch-Out!!

[edit] Cartoons/Videos

  • Everything on the Homestar Runner website
  • Charlie Bit My Finger
  • A lot of others

[edit] Songs

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  • Just about anything of the following:
    • Michael Jackson
    • Earth, Wind & Fire
    • Crush 40
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[edit] Reasons Why I'm Here

  • Because I can be
  • I love Homestar Runner's website
  • Need I say anymore?
  • I want to edit articles to make it a better place

[edit] Extra Sh** I wanted to say

  • I used external links on purpose
    • I know how to correctly link to a wiki page about Scroll Button Songs or some crap like that. I'm not f***ing stupid.
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