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This picture cracks me up.

I figured it was time I put together a quick user page. I had wanted to make some more edits first, establish myself as a good contributor, but my editing time is stretched pretty thin, and the Wikipedia gets most of it. I'm a busy man. Speaking of which, I'm kind of an import from over there.

I was introduced to Homestar Runner by my brother, way back when there was only about a single page of sbemails. And I hated it. I found it humorless and crude. Looking back on things now... well, I still think some of the early stuff is humorless and crude, but I can see that The Brothers Chaps were still developing their characters and style, and can appreciate the early stuff for what it is.

So what got me into it? My wife, and her whole family. They showed me some of the later stuff, and some of it really tickled my funnybone. So I decided to give it another chance, watched their favorites, and took that great leap to being a fan. At that point, I devoured it, which I end up doing with whatever seriously piques my interest. I watched everything I could find, starting with the first three discs of strongbad_email.exe, which was all that was out at the time. Then, with the help of the HRWiki, I went through everything on the web site, and even a few things that no longer were, such as Marshmallow's Last Stand.

So, as things stand... I think Crack Stuntman is my favorite character now. I like Coach Z a lot, and don't really know why. I'm not fond of most rap (even though I love all of TBC's rap), and he's kind of disturbing, and unhygienic, and disturbingly unhygienic. But he makes me laugh. I like most of the main cast pretty well, and even some of the secondaries like Da Huuuuuudge (I was greatly gratified when it showed up in alternate universe).

As for things I'm not fond of... Crap, The Poopsmith, and Whatsit all come to mind. I don't even like to type the words. Scatological humor just makes me feel ill.

[edit] Useful stuff

PSP thumbnails for Podstar Runner

Seeing as TBC tend to use the same pictures for each episode as the Wiki does, I created these by taking the full picture from the episode's wiki article, shrink it down to the proper dimensions (160x120 pixels), and convert it to a jpeg. I've tried to make them as small as possible without reducing image quality, because they're hard enough to see as it is. Since the PSP can now play the Homestar Podcasts it's nice to have specific thumbnails instead of the generic filmstrip thumbnail.
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