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"Let's shift focus to... Laser Lime."

Hi. My name is Lasor Lime. I'm like, 14 or something. Well... here is my user page.


[edit] Hobbies

The stuff I like to do are play football, watch Futurama, write, draw, play Pokemon games, talk, and, of course, watch Homestar Runner.

My favorite character is most definitly Pom Pom. I think I'll take him to Dan's band show. He's been pretty cool lately.

Oh, and I also play baseball. It's... quite enjoyable.

[edit] Homestar Stuff

This is my favorite characters list:

  • The Poopsmith-Although at times he can be funny, he still isn't my favorite. But, I don't hate any Homestar character.
  • Strong Mad- I don't know. He just yells all of the time. However, he's still pretty funny.
  • The King of Town- Everyone claims he's not funny, but I think The KOT is all right.
  • Bubs- Bubs is cool.
  • Strong Sad- Strong Sad is depressing in a funny way.
  • Marzipan- She's funny, what with all of her protests and breaking up with her boyfriend frequently.
  • Strong Bad- Now, this I know for a fact. Strong Bad has made everyone laugh at least once. He's made me laugh hundreds of times!
  • Homestar Runner- You know... He's funny.
  • The Cheat- The Cheat is hilarious! I do my own light switch raves, now.
  • Homsar- Homsar rocks! I especially enjoyed how he became a main character.
  • Coach Z- This guy always does a great jorb in making me laugh.
  • Pom Pom- Like I said, he's been pretty cool lately. Weren't you listening?

Okay... That's taken care of. Now alls we got to do is list my other favorite junk:

Favorite toon- Date Night

Favorite Cheat Commando Episode- Shopping For Danger

Favorite TGS- Teen Girl Squad Issue 8

Favorite Email- coloring

Favorite Short- No Hands On Deck!

Favorite PBTC- Rap Song

[edit] Homestar-emon

I'm a member of the Homestar-emon club! |-


If you want to join, check out Hooray4homestar's user page.

[edit] Cool Users

  • Hooray4homestar... for letting me join the awesome Homestar/Pokemon club!

Do you has what it takes to become a Cool User?!

[edit] Closing

Strong Bad:So that's pretty much what Lasor Lime's user page is like, right?

Homestar:Oh, yes. Read me another one. Another one!

Strong Bad:Ohhhhh, very well. This one's called... user:Hooray4homestar!

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