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Hey, I'm not even sure if anyone ever even visits this page anymore, but I just wanted to say that the reason for my absence was due to being extremely busy. I've been playing Pokemon games, writing fan fiction, and reading the complete Harry Potter series in the last three months. I just didn't have the time to contribute to this wiki, but I promise, I'll do my best to come around as often as I can (but there are no guarantees).

"Oh, dag! That man has just ordered breakfast in the middle of my rap song!"



[edit] About Me

Oh, hello! My name is Allison, although sometimes my best friend calls me All Is On (thanks to the email, for kids). I enjoy sports, video games, but most of all... Homestar! I am so thankful that I found this wikipedia! This website is the website I most visit. My favorite character is Coach Z and The Cheat, although I know a lot of people who would find that kind of odd to have Coach Z as one of my favorite characters. I just think Coach Z is one of the funniest, whether he has more than two praeblems or not!

[edit] How I Was Introduced To Homestar

At the time the email, road trip, came out, my brother decided to show me that exact email. I loved it! My brother decided to show me some more, which was alternate universe, for kids, video games, virus, and trading cards. After awhile, he hadn't shown me any Strong Bad emails. I couldn't stand it any longer, and got on myself. I found that it was way better to have control of where I went on the website, especially since I could then watch all of my favorites.

[edit] My Email Was Answered!!!

Everyone knows how the animation was a bit different in the advertisement for SBCG4AP, right? Well, I didn't know if the animation was going to stay that way forever, so I emailed Mike Chapman about it. And a few hours later, this is what I got back...


I'm glad you're excited. We had to animate that cartoon at 24 frames per second instead of our usual 12 frames per second so it matched the gameplay footage. That's why it looked different. Our future cartoons will go back to the regular 12 frames per second. Have a great day!


All right, I know that I could've looked that up on the wiki, but I didn't know that it said it there, so it was too late when I found it under Fun Facts.

But who in the world cares? I got an email back from one of the Brothers Chaps!

[edit] My bottom 10

10. People who think they know everything. -It gets annoying... especially when they act like you are inferior.

9. Nickelodeon's new shows. -I used to love Nickelodeon's shows. Their newer ones are pathetic. I'm not talking about SpongeBob, or Drake and Josh. I'm talking about the shows that came out in 2006 or 2007.

8. Girly Girls. -Even though I am a girl, I'm not a girly girl. I don't understand how someone can care so much about fashion, hair, or when they shriek over the stupidest things.

7. Like Strong Bad, Mini versions of already bite sized food. -My point... there is less food, for no reason.

6. Homework. -It's just boring to do.

5. Chinese and Japanese food. -I don't like the taste of Chinese food, and I became sick from eating Japanese food in Disney World.

4. How Fox cancelled Futurama. -I know that Futurama is coming back, but I was at loss without it for about two years.

3.The Jonas Brothers. -I know many people love them, but I hate their music. I don't think it sounds very good.

2. Pokemon's new episodes. -I loved Pokemon, especially when I was little. Then, they had to get rid of Misty (original female character). When I saw May and Max, I decided not to watch the show again unless they were the old episodes. To make matters worse, the characters have new voices, which sound nothing like the older ones.

1. People who use inside jokes to make other people feel left out. -This one's title pretty much tells it all. Strong Bad was right. I do want to kill their legs.

[edit] Pokemon

Right next to Homestar Runner on my list of favorite things is Pokemon! (Oh, yeah, this section doesn't have anything to do with the club. See below for that.)

What kind of Pokemon am I?


Check out! That's where I made this...


Awww... Pikachu is almost adorable.

025-Pikachu.jpg PikachuDP.png Pikacry8on.jpg

Pikachu throughout the years.

Spr_1b_025.png Spr_1y_025.gif Spr_2s_025.png Spr_3r_025.png Spr_4d_025_f.png

Oh, man! What will come out of this Pokeball?! I can't wait until May 3rd (the day it opens).

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Get your own at

[edit] Items I Own

So far, the Homestar merchandise I bought from the store are the Sloshy T-Shirt, The Cheat T-Shirt, the Trogdor 5th anniversary T-Shirt, Strong Bad Emails DVDs 1-5, all of the Everything Else DVDs, a Kick The Cheat, every figurine, the Cheat Commandoes toys, Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits CD, and all of the freebies.

[edit] Awesome Users

Here's a list of users that I think are awesome!

  • PokemonStar, Lasor Lime, Justin Master of Nature, Johnny Ohm, Pokemon Freak, Geoblu2, Chaosvii7, and Katonator 3000- All because they joined my club! (See Below)
  • GardenBoy- For liking Futurama, just like I do!
  • Meme3- For liking Futurama and joining my club.
  • Coach B- For liking Coach Z as much as I do, and for joining my club.

More users will be listed the longer I'm a member!

[edit] Coach Z

Anyone who likes Coach Z as much as I do, check out Coach B's userpage. There is a Help Coach Z list, and you might get an award like this...

[edit] Homestar-emon

I started a club just for fans of Homestar Runner and Pokemon. For the users who are already a club members, who are user:katonator 3000, user:Hooray4Trogdor95, user:geoblu2, user:Chaosvii7, user:Pokemon Freak, user:Johnny Ohm, user:Meme3, user:Justin Master of Nature, user:Coach B, user:Lasor Lime, user:PokemonStar, and me, look at my talk page to see what we're going to do, first. Remember, anyone can join at any time, so just tell me on my talk page!

[edit] Homestar Quiz


[edit] Closing

I love Homestar Runner, and I think Matt and Mike Chapman are awesome to make their website. Please check out my talk page, and I hope everyone can enjoy Homestar Runner as much as me! Bye!

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