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hello, if you are here then i am dea-i mean hello everyone.i am not dead, just like the cheat is not dead. if you are still reading this then well (thoughts:what to say ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm die?)DIE i finally learned what i am. Click here to find out what you are

Uncle Sam wants YOU!!!

smart KID
harpy barthday

custom lover


[edit] fav and not so fav stuff

fav character: the cheat. awwww how adorable*kick* ...

fav big toon:first time here its dot com ...

fav short:experimental film the color of infinity is the best dang short ...

fav holiday toon: happy hallowday halloween night come here boy ...

fav sbemail:bottom ten/flashback and the number 11 on my bottom ten is... the not seeing flashback for the sometenth time today...

worst big toon:yello dello dvd barely gets anything cool on there ...

worst short: kot voqpcs ewwww what is that wreak... this toon?

worst holiday toon:The best decemberween ever i should get a present for imdaman. after all, i ruined a couple minutes of his life

worst sbemail:halloweener then you cover the crappy email with aluminum foil and there ya go. hiding the crappiest email ever

[edit] cool guys

  • Trey56: heled me get around off my training wheels.
  • Visorbot: makes custom userboxes like me.
  • H4H: likes futurama and likes homestar-emon.
  • H4T95:likes futurama.
  • Crazygonuts: my ultra best friend
  • Coach B: captain of the the deleteheads
  • PFP you know it: i welcomed him and now,he's like a sticky goo in the way that he is sticking to me(helping me out, talking to me).
That tears it! I am too smart for you to unoutsmart them.

[edit] Bottom Ten chicken, too much sauce you made me hate my love of normal chicken

9.homework, i need an explanation?

8.people who think they rule all else,they screwed when they grow up most likely heh heh

7.showing work for math, we are trying to be able to do it mentally but we can't now? that's just wrong.

6.high school musical,one of the few

5.a bedtime,sleep in go to bed late is what I always say right now

4.impostors in games,when i train i need to be with my own skill level

3.early school, up at seven and I yawn till 12:00.

2.human nature. if it's good they don't care, if it's bad, they do...

1.cancellation of Futurama, i must get those dvds!

[edit] other non h*r stuff i do

portal:for those out there, i hope you are....still alive
warcraft:not wow...not yet, i still want my life... so far.

now for a tribute to portal.:2+2=.....10. In base four I'm fiiine.

everyone may leave now...except for you Jerome

[edit] New Stuff

  • It just warms my heart that TBC still care about the Homestarrunner fans,and i just love to watch the recent changes flood with little tiny pieces to new pages, that too.

[edit] Haikus

Me should listen up
Myself wrote about herself
I's gonna get it

so how was that?

[edit] Pokemon

Pokemon rules


268925.gif" >
Click here to feed this guy

312122.gif" >
Click here to feed him

325178.gif" >
Click here to feed her

349337.gif" >
Click here to feed it

[edit] Email ive attempted

ups and downs: tried but emailing doesn't run with my email address to them:/
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